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About Robert Muller

Robert Muller - former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Chancellor Emeritus of the University for Peace. Robert has received many awards including the Albert Schweitzer International Prize for the Humanities and the Eleanor Roosevelt Man of Vision Award.

A brief biography sketch is on his website.

About Good Morning World

Good Morning World,

It is a pleasure to tell you why we started our daily email message, GOOD MORNING WORLD and the GOOD MORNING WORLD website.

I have always said if I were Secretary General of the United Nations, I would start each day with a message to you, my dear friends and I would call it "Good Morning World": A daily radio broadcast to the people of our dear planet about an idea or dream for a better world. Each morning, waking up to a positive message of hope and beauty can help brighten our world and nurture so much more.

During my 40 years at the United Nations I sought out good news, positive developments and did everything I could to help successes, see new hopes, obtain positive results and always deciding to never give up. Now, with the daily GOOD MORNING WORLD email and website these ideas and dreams are available to the world.

With GOOD MORNING WORLD, Barbara, my wife and I hope to give our ideas and dreams for a better world, and examples of good news and positive results from our actions and writings.

Dreams, ideas, strong hopes and visions for a better world for everyone can be extremely powerful. There is magic in them. There seems to be invisible forces and thousand of friends helping us. We are so grateful you, our dear readers who are reading us everyday and making the world a better place and we know that together we can create paradise on Earth and make the good news a daily reality.

In Peace and Admiration for each of you,

Barbara and Robert Muller

GOOD MORNING WORLD is a work in progress for three dreams for a better world.

  1. 1.The record of each GOOD MORNING WORLD dream and idea.

  2. 2.The development of Peace Plan 2010 that can be presented to the United Nations at it's 60th Aniversary, October 24, 2005.

  3. 3.The develoment of a plan for Paradise On Earth.

Each of these dreams is made better by your participation in your own ways.

Each time you dream for a better world talk about these dreams and ideas of beauty and hope; listen and nurture other peoples dreams and hopes; sing, dance, whistle, draw, paint, make music with these dreams and ideas; makes all the difference in the world.

This blog started January 2003 with 51 subscribers by January 12. Robert’s website had 3,135 visitors them

You are welcome to contact GMW with ideas and dreams for a better world.