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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


[GMW #674A] Nurturing Better Ways of Properly Managing and Administering Our Planet and Human Society

[GMW #674A] Nurturing Better Ways of Properly Managing and Administering Our Planet and Human Society
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Ending War

Introduction to Ideas 301 to 400

Convening by the UN of a world conference on proper Earth government and administration

Since despite the end of the cold war, international and internal conflicts have increased from 38 in 1991 to 47 in 1995, and the number of sovereign nations members of the UN has increased from 160 to 185; since the duplication of government expenditures, national institutions and bureaucracies between 185 nation-states has reached staggering proportions, and military and armaments expenditures have barely diminished since the end of the cold war; we must declare the absolute necessity to consider and adopt new ways for proper world government and administration for the sake of the survival of the planet and the peace, well-being and justice of all humans.

*From an opening speech by Robert Muller to the Peace on the Seas and Oceans Conference in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, 1995

The Independent World Commission on Global Governance headed by the Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr. Ingvar Carlsson, has opened the door to the consideration of new ways of properly managing and administering our planet and human society. It should lead to the holding by the United Nations of a world conference on the proper government and administration of the Earth, to permit the adoption of a new system as we enter the 21st century, a system infinitely better than the United Nations.

The pathbreaking Law of the Seas, adopted by nations for the proper administration of the seas and oceans, a commons representing 71% of the planet's surface, could provide an example for the adoption of a Law of the Earth. We owe it to the Earth and to humanity.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
I do not speak for myself. I speak for the love of the Earth, for I am a child of the Earth.
We need people with special brains, special tongues and special hearts to speak for the planet and for the entire human family.
Creation is absolute and life is divine.
Speak the language of the heart. Its warmth penetrates deeper than cold intelligence.
Each of us is part of time and space, just as our planet and our sun are parts of time and of the universe.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 4

The UN is the fulfillment of a prophecy. Its members and workers must therefore be prophets.

Dear Robert...
I watched the interview you had on the Wisdom Channel. I was profoundly moved
by your capacity to hear the conversations of distress in so much of the
world and remain so dedicated to what you see possible for humanity and the earth
and the new conversations for living you have generated and shared in your
books and speaking. I have found myself sharing much of what you said with
clients I have. That you for your contribution to my view of life. -- Darlene

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