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Thursday, May 19, 2005


[GMW #690A] A World Organization of Evolution

[GMW #690A] A World Organization of Evolution
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Earth's Ecology

~ Idea 5057 ~
I recommend that a totally new world organization should be considered for our Earth and humanity, a World Organization of Evolution into which the United Nations would be incorporated. The organization would listen to evolutionary scientists who look at evolution in its multiplicity of forms from the smallest bacteria to the evolution of humankind within the basic elements of the planet, its airs, its water, its climate, etc. and who have a long-term view of what the future evolution of the Earth is likely or supposed to be. This is indispensable because henceforth everything on this planet has to be seen in terms of a long-term future.

Our species is now changing the Earth very much. We are therefore responsible for the Earth's future. If we stick to obsolete values we will put an end to it. If we adopt new values, new objectives, visions, institutions and laws, evolution will continue. This is henceforth our challenge number one on planet Earth. There is none more important.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
How could Faust seek happiness for so long when it was all around him and in him? Paradise is on Earth and in us. One just has to open one’s eyes and heart to it.
Happiness is in a star-studded sky
Happiness is in a flower
Happiness is in the eyes of a child
Happiness is in the love of your spouse.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

One of my sons, Francois, who works for the UN Development Program, asked me:

"Dad, why do you have all these crazy ideas? Can't you ever stop?"

I answered:

"If I had not had the crazy idea of creating major development instruments for the poor countries at the UN, you and several thousand of your colleagues would not have a job at the UN today."

He believed me, when at the fortieth anniversary of the UNDP, I was invited to speak to the staff as one of the last living pioneers of the program. I donated and inaugurated on that occasion a bust of Paul Hoffman, the first Administrator of the UNDP, saying:

"Every time you pass by this bust, I want you to remember his words and example: 'Have an ideal, have a dream and work for it relentlessly."'

Whenever I complete a task successfully or fulfill a dream or idea at the UN, I move to another seemingly impossible challenge. That is why today I am nurturing the fledgling infancy of the University for Peace.


From Barbara:
A Sorted Affair
Japanese municipalities take recycling to a whole new level

Yokohama, Japan, a city of 3.5 million, recently sent its citizens a 27-page instruction book on how to sort trash for recycling into 10 different categories, detailing how to dispose of more than 500 separate items, from used lipstick tubes to old socks. The city aims to slash the amount of waste being sent to incinerators by 30 percent by 2010. Kamikatsu, a small town of 2,200 residents, has set its goal even higher -- no garbage thrown out at all by 2020. To achieve this lofty aim, the town requires citizens to sort their waste into a growing number of recycling categories -- now standing at 44. Of course, some residents grumble that the sorting is too complicated for mere mortals, but despite complaints, in the last four years, Kamikatsu's recycling rate has hovered around 80 percent. Intense social pressure helps, with volunteer garbage guardians across Japan inspecting their neighbors' sorting efforts and pestering laggards to get with the program.

Replies to Robert's recent Good Morning World messages:

RE: La Nacion Newspaper, [GMW #688A] Read Newspaper That Report UN News
Om Shanti,

I quickly went to La Nacion's web site to read the information, however, I do not read Spanish or whatever language that is. Is there anywhere I can go to get the info in English?

Thank you so much for sharing this info.

Osha Harama

The Un News Centre

The UN Wire

are the two news sources listed on Good Morning World.

From Barbara:
Greetings from Costa Rica where the roosters are crowing, the rain is raining and Robert is sleeping in this gentle steady rain.

The best source of UN news is compiled by Sergio Tripi in Italy, our Italian publisher and NGO for a better world..Would you be so kind and share it with her and the readers if you would like...

Thank you, Barbara

Dear Colleagues,

Please find the Good News Agency, year VI no.7, that we distribute free of charge to 3,700 media in 48 countries, as well as to 2,500 NGOs,
service associations, universities and colleges in the world.

As always, we encourage media to utilize Good News Agency's items of news
and invite NGOs and service associations to send us information regarding
their own specific programs for possible inclusion in future issues.

Have a good read.

Good News Agency

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