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Thursday, May 26, 2005


[GMW #695A] Biosphere World Conference For A Better World

[GMW #695A] Biosphere World Conference For A Better World
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Earth's Ecology

~ Idea 49 ~ 28 August 1994

The first world environment conference was in reality the Conference on the Biosphere convened by UNESCO in Paris in 1968 at the request of the government of Sweden. Its concept was right, namely to see the thin spherical membrane, or sphere of life, surrounding this planet, only a few miles into the atmosphere and a few miles into the oceans, containing all life of our solar system. The Conference had no impact and Sweden came to the UN Economic and Social Council to express its concern about the acid rain affecting their forests and the loss of life in their lakes. Sweden requested the UN to hold the first world conference on the environment in Sweden in 1972.

It would be good to return to the concept of the biosphere and to hold a new world conference on the biosphere in 1998, thirty years after the first one, to see how the thin layer of life around our planet is faring.

At the time, I asked UN cartographers to draw for me a picture of the biosphere on a globe with a diameter of one meter. The biosphere appeared on it as a mere thin line not thicker than an eggshell. To politicians visiting my office, I pointed at that line, saying to them, "This is what you are playing with."

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Robert's Golden Sayings
I breathe, therefore I am
I eat, therefore I am
I see, therefore I am
I hear, therefore I am
I think, therefore I am
I love, therefore I am
I feel, therefore I am
I pray, therefore I am
There is no end to the forms of being!
All life is flow. I must therefore flow gently and not be hard like a rock.
Humanity really does not know where it is going. That is the first, eminent question it should ask itself.
One world, one network. Let your life decide to participate in it through networking.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

I pray and thank God every day for the United Nations.

What I would have missed in my life if I hadn't worked for the UN! I should rewrite in golden letters the essay on world government which opened to me the doors of the UN as a young man.

My God, how dearly I have loved this planet and humanity! Please allow me to come back as a spirit to provoke the heads of states into the right directions!

Replies to Robert's recent Good Morning World messages:

Beloved Robert and Barbara,

We have heard of you from our dear teacher and friend, Swami Sri Nabuji.

We receive your messages daily and are particularly inspired by the peace movement related to childrens schools.

Thank you for your service to this planet.

In the Loving arms of Light,
Shinah B'nai

Dear Dr. Muller,
I hope that this note finds you well and happy. I have received much inspiration from your book Ideas & Dreams for a Better World (Vol. 3). It is encouraging to see such idealistic visions being expressed, and it supports my own ability to write and sing about such visions for the world.

A happy note is that I was able to get my music to the United Nations Singers (June Chesney and Douglas Rose) who are contemplating the possibility of using some of them.

Wishing both you and Barbara love, joy and warmth.
Best wishes,


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