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Monday, May 30, 2005


Sculptures Of Love, Faith, Hope, Peace, Friendship, Compassion, Prayer, Mediation, Gratitude For Better Human(e) Progress

[GMW #697A] Sculptures Of Love, Faith, Hope, Peace, Friendship, Compassion, Prayer, Mediation, Gratitude For Better Human(e) Progress
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~ Idea 1527 ~ 15 September 1998

Seeing the magnificent sculpture on forgiveness at the Casa de Maria Conference Center in Santa Barbara, I dream that more sculptures should be planned and inaugurated in the year 2000 on all the great philosophical concepts which have helped humanity to progress on its mysterious journey in the universe, concepts such as love, faith, hope, peace, friendship, compassion, prayer, meditation, gratitude and others. I could see a major sculpture inaugurated in 2000 on Peace in San Francisco, the city where the United Nations was born and a major sculpture on Love in Kansas City which considers itself to be the heart of America and possesses already a Heart Forest near the airport, etc. What beautiful, elevating, encouraging contributions such sculptures would be to the celebration of our entry into a new century and millennium!

I was glad that we were visited by a famous sculptress, Edwina Sanders, the granddaughter of Winston Churchill who offered us to build a magnificent monument to the Bimillennium on the wonderful, sacred, world grounds of the UN University for Peace in demilitarized Costa Rica.


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Robert's Golden Sayings
My life or cosmic consciousness may be temporary. But human life being a part of humanity can make us eternal. My contribution to humanity is therefore the highest form of living. Humanity knows that: the greater the contribution, the greater and more lasting the human recognition and glory.
Relax as much as you can. A man like Albert Schweitzer who lived happily to a very advanced age, always let his arms and hands hang down in a totally relaxed fashion. Do that and you will feel your entire body relaxed. Relaxation is another word for peace and happiness.
Most of your life will depend on how you ‘see’ things. If you see them in a hopeful, happy way, your life will be bright and happy. If you see them in gray, your life will be sad and gray.
Weed your life carefully of all bad seeds and plants. If not, they will grow, proliferate and smother the good ones.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

A reviewer of my book What War Taught Me About Peace, apologized for criticizing me:

"You have certainly earned your place among the immortals of the UN, but I had to underline that you are always all supportive of the UN and never find fault with it. I believe you should help in underlining and redressing what is wrong with the UN."

I answered:

"You are indeed right. But there are so many people who criticize the UN that I feel it my duty to counter their negative influence by stressing the good aspects of the UN which they ignore. Also, if I were to voice the slightest criticism, the UN haters would jump on it and proclaim: 'You see, even such a defender of the UN
as Robert Muller is critical.' They would use it to undermine the UN.

I have taken a similar stand in this testament. The UN enemies will seek in vain arguments and ammunition for their evil designs. once they have become objective, I will also be ready to discuss honestly the shortcomings of the UN.

We must make the UN the determining agent of change for a peaceful and better world. We cannot allow anything to happen to it. We owe it to the 30 million dead of World War II.

Subject: Thank You From Brasil

Dear Mr. Robert Muller,

It is a blessing to receive your material and I"m translating some to my friends here in Brasil,where we already have a great admiration for your work, since our mentor presented us your work.

Our group has open meditations every day and on Wenesday we meditate, conected with the Intuition in Service where we have your name as co-participating also, we imprinted your photograph to show in the group and now we feel much more close to Texas.

Best regards,
Unidade de Serviço para Educação Integral/Resende /RJ/Brasil



Dear Robert,
I was elated to hear you being interviewed on Vision TV this morning. They were running and interview you did back in 1993 while attending the "Parliament of World Religions" in Chicago. I was captured immediately by your POSITIVE outlook on life and the future of the human race. I too, have many of those wonderful spiritual connections where thru the wonderful and awesome God we serve you come to believe that "anything the mind can believe, the mind can achieve" - with God's help, of course.
Immediately, after hearing the interview, I went to the internet to find out more about you and was estatic to find that you have been doing so much to promote peace and love in the world. Your ideas and dreams for a better world are contagious. I am looking forward to reading much of the matierial I printed off from your site. I even listened to your harmonica performances - they are great!
God Bless and Keep You - He"s done that for sure over the many years!
Hoping to promote your ideas and become an embasador for peace and love!
sincerely, Albert, Hawkesbury, ON Canada

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Namaste' dear ones....just heard the "ode to Joy" being played at a EU meeting on the radio...what an ODE to JOY
-- silver eagle

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