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Monday, May 09, 2005


World Peace Assembly To Settle Remaining Conflicts

[GMW #682A] World Peace Assembly To Settle Remaining Conflicts
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~ Idea 117 ~ 4 November 1994

The UN 50th General Assembly in 1995 (golden anniversary of the UN), should be a World Peace Assembly aimed at settling remaining international conflicts. All mediations, negotiations and peacekeeping efforts during 1995 should be directed to that goal. It would be a great anniversary gift to the UN.

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Earth's Ecology, Religion & Spirituality

Robert's Golden Sayings
Happiness is a main factor of good health.
I sometimes dream to write a dictionary of only positive words and language.
We need on this planet at least as many peace strategists as military strategists.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

Once I was asked by my boss to defend one of my ideas in a private meeting of western delegates who opposed the idea stubbornly. I made an impassioned speech, at the end of which the German delegate, to the consternation of his western colleagues, agreed with me and gave his approval.

From Barbara
Conversations with Remarkable People
Episode - Robert Muller

When a man imprisoned by the Nazis survives to later be hailed as the UN's Prophet of Hope, the power of that individual's courage and benevolent influence during four decades of distinguished service cannot be overestimated. That is the personal history of Dr. Robert Muller, who refused to let his experience as a prisoner of war destroy his belief in happiness and the power of imagination. Honored by all who know him as one of the most ambitious and loving men on earth, Dr. Muller -- nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 19 times -- takes us into his world of dreams and miracles. His deep commitment to global and spiritual consciousness yielded recommendations for an Earth Health Organization and the Parliament of the World's Religions. He also founded the University for Peace in Costa Rica, where he now spends most of his time. Beethoven's Ode to Joy, as Dr. Muller plays it on his harmonica, is the perfect finale for this extraordinary and inspiring interview.

"Dreams are some extraordinary expansion of your capacities and what you could be able to do if you do not see the obstacles."
-Robert Muller

"Remember your early youth. What was your dream when you were a child? That gives you an idea of what you can still do even if society has put you into another direction. And you can do it even when you are very old, when you are free, when you are retired. That's what I always say to the old people: Fulfill now the dream that you had when you were a child. And once you see this -- and once you have your dream and begin to work on it -- then you are immediately uplifted and you find happiness. And the funny thing is that usually the dream becomes fulfilled."
-Robert Muller

"The word retirement age should be abolished and be replaced by a new word like fulfillment age. I even call it 'refirement'. I cannot accept to retire from anything. When I left the United Nations I said, "Now I have total freedom." I'm now 77 years old, and I've never felt so good."
-Robert Muller

"We have the word Das Kapital of Karl Marx and, of course, that starts with a 'k' because it is German. Since I predict that capitalism is now going to take the same way as communism -- namely it's no longer an economically viable system for the world -- I call it 'Kaputalism' because 'kaput' means 'gone'ล and it will be 'kaput'."
-Robert Muller

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Replies to Robert's recent Good Morning World messages:
Dear Robert

Attached is a very moving email from the manager of a soccer team from Australia called "the Tiger 11" made up largely of former Afghani illegal (so-called) refugees.

It is in response to the involvement of her team in an Intenational Soccer Carnival held as part of Peace Festival Warwick in Australia.

Warwick is a town of 20,000 in rural Australia, with a very conservative history and a 99.8% white Anglo saxon population. A group of people in the town from different backgrounds and religons got together to hold a Peace festival with the theme "Peace on our Own Backyard". Our logo was a ripple, the idea being that if you start with one small peaceful thing it will create a ripple of Peace outwards.

I thought you would like it because it shows that even in such an environment Peace is very possible and a small effort can have a very positive effect. It also graphically illustrates how peace can grow as you follow the story of the gutsy Tiger 11.

The festival showed to us that ordinary people want peace. Even if many in the town did not get involved this time, they will next time. The website is if you care to look at it some time.

Kind regards

Dear Mark,
Thank you on behalf of the guys of Tigers for all the hard work you and your team put into yesterday. It was astonishing and such a pleasure for me who grew up with Warwick as my closest 'big town' visited only a few times a year, to return with the young Afghans of Tigers to be part of such a wonderful opening of doors and hearts. The effort you have taken to bring such a multicultural festival of the world sport to what I remembered as a predominantly conservative and insulated community was a good lesson for me. We can never assume; never give up; always hope and work towards the opening of hearts and minds, giving Australians credit for being the decent open hearted people they can be given half a chance to understand, to meet the sometimes frightening other across a sporting field or around a meal table. Very scriptural isn't it - in the breaking of the bread we recognise the stranger in our midst as our brother, a member of the family of man, our potential friend and fellow traveller. Any of our even unacknowledged presumptions are a big part of the problem and thank you for making me see mine.

To give you heart amidst the small down side of yesterday with the Sudanese / Tigers soccer game that went a little sour, 5 years down the track, the guys of Tigers have grown so much in maturity, in understanding, in responding to the need for peace amidst the provocation that has often shadowed them through their young lives. Australia and the wonderful support group who have journeyed with them over the 5 years of the Tiger's journey, have much to be proud of in these young refugees who have taken the worst and emerged above it all as yesterday showed. I know from experience that 4 years ago yesterday could have had a very different outcome. Some of the Tigers could have come out ready to fight - it has been the survival mechanism of their history as a persecuted minority. Thank God they are here having taken the flight response instead and have the potential to become great Aussies with so much to contribute because of the understanding they have from their battle scarred history and the difference made in their lives by the hope and love they have found here. It hasn't always been an easy journey for them or their supporters over the last 5 years but yesterday marks another milestone for them. I know that 4 or 5 years ago there were Tigers who would have taken the fight right up to the Sudanese despite the danger of the sheer number of Sudanese players and supporters. I would not have been able to call them away and calm them down at the beginning of our journey together. They have grown so much over the years of waiting to find a future here and in that waiting, finding a better way to win their battles - communicating face to face, sharing their fears and their sorrows, their hopes and dreams, building lives.

It is a long journey for both sides - Australians who need to walk a mile or more in their shoes; refugees who need to learn to trust after so much that has betrayed them for so long. The young guys of Best United have a history of conflict to overcome just as the Tigers did. I fear the publicity of Tigers has not gone down well with some and the dedication of a few volunteers which has produced such a wonderful outcome for the little band of Hazaras of Tigers, has produced some enmity within other groups who have not had the same sort of one on one support - very different scenarios of course when all the Tigers were unaccompanied, had time in detention and only temporary visas, but I have found that sadly but understandably, in the fight for survival such differences are not always taken into account.

One of the foundation members of Tigers was a young Sudanese guy who was very fiery, always ready for a fight and quite envious of his Hazara team mates as so much of the early publicity the team attracted came from their being Hazaras and unaccompanied, focussed upon the TPVs etc. Hakim made a journey too, a journey into understanding and recognition that made me so proud of him when I was present as his guest when his family became Aussie citizens in 2003. He shared his story with Kevin Rudd who was present at the ceremony, comparing his story to that of his Afghan mates of Tigers, always adding to each part of his story of persecution and his families seeking safe haven - 'Just like the Afghani boys". This was an understanding and fellowship he grew into after journeying with them for 2 years, getting to know them and share their stories.

He was there yesterday playing as a member of the Tigers team, apologetic to the Hazara boys for the behaviour of some within his Sudanese community, but proudly Sudanese for all of that. Hakim has made the journey many have yet to make, into opening his heart and mind despite the old prejudices, despite the envy at times, despite mixed messages from some that he could have had much better chance of swift extended family reunion if it weren't for the 'illegals' jumping the queue and taking the places his relatives could have been given. A Sunni Muslim taught that Shi ites were an abomination to Allah, a 'legal refugee' told that his Afghan team mates were cheats, suffering reverse racism under an Afghan Australian who tried to keep the African boys from being members of Tiger 11, tried to keep them from the field in the early games Tigers played - he has had much to journey through and he has done it with it grace and a strong bond with the young Afghans of Tigers that sees him coming back every chance he gets between working away from Brisbane and trips out of state etc. Hakim is the embodiment of all your peace festival was about.

The journey continues for those young guys of Best United and they will rise above the instinct that prevailed in refugee camps of survival of the fittest and find their own peace and security in the years ahead. Days like yesterday are such a big part of that journey for them and I congratulate you and all your team for all the hard work, the bringing into the fold of the Warwick soccer club and the kind and gentle nature that prevailed on the day from you and your team. Good on you all and may God bless your efforts as He will.
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