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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


[GMW #699A] World Humanitarian Government For Eliminating Preventable Evils

[GMW #699A] World Humanitarian Government For Eliminating Preventable Evils
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Ending War

Introduction To Ideas 2701-2800

The following is an extract from Bertrand Russell's excellent book Political Ideals.

"Few men seem to realize how many of the evils from which we suffer are wholly unnecessary, and that they could be abolished by a united effort within a few years. If a majority in every civilized country so desired, we could, within twenty years, abolish all abject poverty, quite half the illness in the world, the whole economic slavery which binds down nine tenths of our population; we could fill the world with beauty and joy and secure the reign of universal peace. It is only because men are apathetic that this is not achieved, only because imagination is sluggish, and what always have been is regarded as what always must be. With good-will, generosity, intelligence, these things could be brought about."

Lord Russell (Bertrand Russell) goes on to say that the world is full of preventable evils which most people would like to see prevented.

Among other things, this could be done by a World Humanitarian Government possibly elected through a plebiscite conducted by a union of all the world's humanitarian organizations.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
It is collective knowledge, experience and progress of humanity that guides and shapes our soul into ever vaster realms.
Very few people see this, but the transformation of the world will take place through the United Nations as an unprecedented, new biological instrument of global understanding and convergence. It is in the UN that the new history of the world will be principally shaped, not only in the relations between nations. I pity those countries who believe that they are the future. This basic mistake on their part will cost them and the world a lot. They must understand the deeper currents of evolution.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

My first commentary as Chancellor of the University for Peace was this:

"Generals inflamed their soldiers for victory. Their proclamations are often great, historic, literary texts. Who has ever inflamed peacemakers? Where are the great, historic literary, uplifting peace proclaimers? Not more than a handful, mostly the prophets and religious leaders. The University for Peace must join its inspiring voice to that of the religions and of the United Nations."

God has given me the urge and capacity to fight for underdogs. Today, the most downtrodden and defenseless underdogs are humanity and the Earth. This is why I am a fanatic of the United Nations which is the first universal instrument for the defense of underdogs.

I have made it a habit to think of the world and humanity from morning to evening and wherever I am. I even program myself to do it during my sleep. Try to do he same and you will be astonished by the results.

I am a specialist in impossibilities: I deal primarily with what seems impossible, in particular to make ours a peaceful, happy and beautiful planetary home.

I am a specialist in generalities. The universe, eternity, the earth, humanity, happiness, the soul, life, death, God, peace, justice, etc., I try to grasp it all. I am a forerunner of what more and more ordinary people will be in the next millennium.

I defended the UN when the Catholics attacked it during the McCarthy period. And I am a Catholic.

I defended the UN when colonialist France attacked it. And I am a Frenchman.


I defended the UN when General de Gaulle attacked it. And I was one of his underground fighters.

I defend the UN now that the Jews attack it. And some of my best friends are Jews.

I defend the UN now that the conservatives attack it. And I am politically a conservative.

Whoever might be next on the fist, I will always defend the UN as long as humanity will not create a better world organization.

Replies to Robert's recent Good Morning World messages:

Subject: I applaud your noble work

Dear Robert and Barbara Muller

I would like to applaud for the beautiful work you do to embellish our world and make it a better one in which people will be able to to experience harmony, humanity, and peace. God bless you, your work, your family and everyone you are in contact with and witness your noble peace work!

Joy and Peace be in your heart! Amen!
Jeannette of Nazareth
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