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Thursday, June 09, 2005


[GMW #705] Education For Everyone To Fulfill Their Abilities To Nurture A Better World

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[GMW #705] Education For Everyone To Fulfill Their Abilities To Nurture A Better World
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~ Idea 2953 ~

Human life is an incredible mystery, by far not yet fully understood. We are all born for a specific purpose by God or by nature or by invisible energies of the universe. We are given talents to do it. Alas, all is organized in such a way that we are educated and profoundly influenced by what others want us to do: a nation, a religion, a business, all sorts of groups, institutions and beliefs, and most of us die without having fulfilled our inborn function and received the education and means to fulfill it. What a gigantic reform of the human society and of education this will require! I did my best but it was of little avail. At least my World Core Curriculum for a proper education of all humans is beginning to receive some attention.

I have personally succeeded to perform the function for which I was born. I began to do it after three wrong national educations (French, German and American) when I received at long last a right, global world-wide, all human education from the United Nations.

Alas, the 34 Robert Muller Schools in the world which give that education are a mere drop of water in the ocean of mis-education still prevailing on this planet promoted by the nations' Ministries of National Education instead of World Education or simply Education.

What was your fate, your education, your life fulfillment, dear reader?

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Since governments do not give us the right world education, it is our individual responsibility to denationalize ourselves and to learn objectively everything we can about the human family and our planetary home: a truly global education.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

I have seen evolution at work through the United Nations. I have seen emerge in it new challenges and crises, unprecedented preoccupations and opportunities in human history. Within its workings, I have seen how humanity is progressively finding its way on this planet, toddling along amidst many difficulties, idiosyncrasies and obstacles, but always on an upward path. It is a very fascinating story.


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By Good Morning World Friends

"Thank you Father for using us as an instrument of your Peace, Love & Will on Earth"
Connie Day

Dear God, as St-Francis many years ago said, make each and all of us an Instrument of Your PEACE. Namaste…

La Paz es la semilla de la evolución - el jardín de flores que alimenta
mi corazón y me enseña a amar.
Peace is the seed of evolution - the garden of flowers that nurture
my heart and show me how to love.

Catalina - Washington D.C.

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