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Monday, June 20, 2005


[GMW #712] Examinations of Conscience Toward Earth and Humanity

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[GMW #712] Examinations of Conscience Toward Earth and Humanity
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~ Idea 2422 ~

Every human being, every institution, every corporation, every head of religion should ask themselves these questions each day, at the end of each year and at the end of their life:

What have I done to help the further evolution of planet Earth, its beauty, its peace, the fulfillment of all its species, especially the most advanced, most knowledgeable, the human one?

What have I done that caused it damage, destruction and regress?

We badly need such examinations of conscience toward the Earth and humanity. The present western beliefs, values, institutions and ways of life are killing the regenerative capacity of the Earth, its waters, species, air, soils, vegetation, climate. How long can this last on such a colossal scale?

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Earth's Ecology, Religion & Spirituality

Robert's Golden Sayings
We must believe in evolution which is the key and way to humanity’s success

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

The UN is the will and product of evolution, so much so that its worst enemies cannot touch it. Nor can they touch or discourage me.

From Robert

Re: [GMW #711] Collecting Ideas & Dreams From Children To Elders

Dear Debbie Milam and Bonnie of Louisville ,
Your belief that my vision is not through my eyes but through my heart is very important.
These words came to me: We feel already through the heart and why not also think through the heart and as you say see through the heart? What a different world this would create.
When this is accepted and practiced we will have a happy humanity and it begins with each of us.
I bless each of you and all our daily readers and ask each to spend today seeing with your heart.
My heart is happy with messages and friends like you, Robert Muller


Replies to Robert's recent Good Morning World messages:
Thank you, Dr. Muller, from the bottom of my heart, you are a joy to the world and true hero.

With love,
Jan Biddle

Hero's One and All
Hello My Beloved,

It is always a joy to read Good Morning World with the love and wisdom that
Robert shares with us.

I wish to comment on Robert's statement, "Many people try to make a hero out
of me! Don't they know that I want every human person to be a hero? To
single me out as an exception is to defeat my efforts, making it difficult
for ordinary people to be like me."

He is so correct . . . we are all on a grand Hero's Journey. This journey is
called life and it is our challenge to find the love and wisdom that resides
within each and every one of us. We are then called upon to deliver our gift
of unity to a world hungry for such news.

I have often said, "Life is a Hero's Journey filled with challenges and
rewards. The biggest battle is to face our self and find the treasure
within." When we can all tap into this wonderful resource in our own essence
we will tap into the Universal energy that unites us all.

In saying this I share with you a poem of mine called

Dancing Butterflies All

You are a gentle rain, carried on a breath of wind in the willows.
You are here and You are there.
You are golden wheat
Reflecting the sunlight at high noon.
You are the same sunlight
reflected as sparkling diamonds in mountain-top snow.
You are the morning silence,
Yearning the rooster's crow,
That will send you into the sky
as a swirl of sparrows.
You are the night
that surrounds the evening stars
and You are the stars.
You are young/old, male/female,
black, white, red and yellow.
You are dream and You are reality
Doing a joyful dance,
In a field beyond judging and blaming.
You are a thousand dancing butterflies
Arching the River of Love like a living rainbow
You are the one who accepts or denies who You are.
Dance on sweet butterflies and know Your power.
Copyright ©2003 Bob Boxall

May love and laughter be your constant gift to the world and in so being you
will receive the peace and power that is your inherent birthright.

Thanks again Robert and keep encouraging others to accept their personal
Hero's Journey. By sharing your light you illuminate the path for all those
in your circle of influence. And to anyone else who may read this please did
deep so that the joy of your being radiates and lights your path. In so
doing you will light the path for others and help create a new world filled
with peaceful and joyful souls.

Bob Boxall

PS. If you ever decide to "discard" your boxes of notes and writings PLEASE
send that treasure trove to me.

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