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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


[GMW #713] Gross National Happiness, Department of Happiness

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[GMW #713] Gross National Happiness, Department of Happiness
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Idea Dreams 6001-6500

~ Idea 6063 ~
22 May 2003

Dear Dr. Muller,

I really enjoyed your talk about happiness at the University of Washington in Seattle last night. I am the Swiss from Zurich who spoke with you at the end.

I recently traveled in Bhutan and heard that the king of Bhutan said in an interview that he is more interested in the GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS than in the Gross National Product of his nation. What a great idea! It is remarkable that a head of a state expressed it. I am sure most politicians would laugh at such a statement and call it totally unrealistic but after seeing how the Bhutanese people live I think the king is successful. Are you aware of any studies on “National Happiness: and what the factors are that contribute to such a goal?” Obviously food, shelter and clothing are necessary but the hard part is the ideology that allows people to get along and to obtain the skill to at least reach a modicum of that state called happiness.

I wish a University would engage in a world study of this subject. It would not be easy to be objective. How does one quantify such a thing? Nevertheless a good questionnaire should give the examiner a fairly good idea.
Hans-Rudolf Gahler M.D.

I answered him that I recommended the creation of Ministries of Happiness in all governments and the teaching of happiness in all schools and universities of the world.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Be an artist of your life: make it a work of art of which you can be proud, as artists are with their paintings, sculptures, music or writings. As a matter of fact, art and writing will follow, for you will want to express and preserve your life in a durable form.
Writing and art are preserved life, a form of duration, of eternity.
Often in the evening of warm days, I lay down on the grass of my God-given land, I look at the sky and I say to myself: all this belongs to me! Half of the infinite firmament belongs to me! I just cannot believe it.
Cast away any bad thoughts or sentiments from your mind, soul and heart. Do not let them germinate and take root. The longer you wait the more difficult they will be to uproot.
If Epictetus, a lame slave, was able to expound his beautiful golden sayings, how could I not do it, a healthy and well-off being? The question no longer is what do I expect from life? It is: what good can I do in return for life?

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

After more than three decades of work for the first universal organization, my love for it is such that I pray all my human brothers and sisters to help it, to understand it and to love it. You will not be disappointed. You will be helping a better world and will feel happy in return.

Robert's World Core Curriculum &

Robert Muller Schools

Robert's words in GMW #705 brought several emails requesting more information about Robert's UNESCO prize winning
World Core Curriculum and Robert Muller School. Here are the requests and some information about them. These are some
of the links that can be found from links on and Google searching. If more specific information is needed
please send to Good Morning World and our free staff of 3 will look for more specifice information.

Recent Emails about Robert's World Core Curriculum and Robert Muller Schools

Good Morning All,

How may we find out more about the 34 World Peace schools and the World Core Curriculums that you have devised?

We have collectively have a large group of children never enrolled in traditional school systems, but are a home school
coop and are looking for new ways to design our studies for them.
Thank you and God Bless
Shinah B'nai

The new National Geographic book, Geography of Religions, highlights how the five major religions basically agree on
the principle of "do unto others as you would have others do unto yourself'". It also shows how leaders have persistently
ignored this principle and instead employed hypocrisy to trick nations, and even religions, into killing and obliterating
others as the means and way to "peace on earth".
How sad now to be living in the most powerful U.S.A. and witnessing its current leaders using hypocrisy again, this time
to fool the majority of North Americans into supporting the "killing others as the way to peace"; into supporting, as its
ambassador to the UN, an individual who says he supports the UN while his past actions spell out just the opposite.
The laws of nature have kept living creatures under control. Honesty should be taught as an absolute new law of nature
for humans. For 2,000-plus years the use of the opposite, dishonest hypocrisy, has not worked. Everywhere employed
it has always led to human misery and horrible death.
Keep on with your message, Robert Muller, and add honesty as a law of nature to the curriculum at the Robrt Muiller
schools of World Education.


A very Good Morning to you,
Would it be possible to know more about the 34 RM Schools worldwide? I have read the WCC material and have
searched the RMS website. The reference appeared on June 9 in [GMW #705] Education For Everyone To
Fulfill Their Abilities To Nurture A Better World
I work in education and I have read the World Core Curriculum as well as other publications of yours.
I am very much interested in knowing where are located the
34 Robert Muller Schools. Could you provide this
information to me? Are there websites for some of them?
Thank you and may the Peace of the Spirit accompany us always.
Gilles Laverdure
Montreal, Canada

Thank you,
Gilles Laverdure

Links and Information on the web:

World Core Curriculum

A good outline of the World Core Curriculum For Global Education

Point 1 -- Our Planetary Home and Place in the Universe
Point 2 -- Our Place in Time
Point 3 -- The Family of Humanity
Point 4 -- The Miracle of Individual Life

Our Planetary Home and
Place in the Univers
Our Place in Time

From the Infinitely Large

+ The Universe, the stars, outer space
+ Our relations with the sun
+ The Earth's physics
+ The atmosphere
+ The biosphere
+ The seas and oceans
+ The polar caps
+ The Earth's land masses
+ The Earth's arable lands
+ The deserts
+ The mountains
+ The Earth's water
+ Plant life
+ Animal life
+ Human life
+ The Earth's energy
+ The Earth's crust and depths

To the Infinitely Small

+ Microbiology
+ Genetics
+ Chemistry
+ Nuclear physics
The Past, Present and
Future of

+ The Universe

+ The sun

+ The globe

+ The climate

+ The biosphere

+ The family of humanity

Age composition
Levels of health
Standard of living
World organizations

+ The individual

+ To the cell, genes and atom

The Family of Humanity
The Miracle of Individual Life
Qualitative Characteristics

+ Our levels of nutrition
+ Our levels of health
+ Our standards of life (rich/poor)
+ Our skills and employment
+ Our levels of education
+ Our moral levels
+ Our spiritual levels

Quantitative Characteristics

+ The total world population and its changes
+ Human geography and migrations
+ Human longevity
+ Races
+ Sexes
+ Children
+ Youth
+ Adults
+ The elderly
+ The handicapped

Human Groupings

+ The family
+ Human settlements
+ Professions
+ Corporations
+ Institutions
+ Nations
+ Federations
+ Regional organizations
+ Religions
+ Multinational business
+ Transnational networks
+ World organizations
Good Physical Lives

+ Knowledge and care of the body
+ Teaching to see, to hear, to observe,
to create, to do, to use well all our senses
and physical capabilities vastly extended by
science and technology

Good Emotional (Sentimental),
Moral Lives

+ Teaching to love
+ Teaching truth, understanding, humility,
liberty, reverence for life, compassion,

Good Mental Lives

+ Knowledge
+ Teaching to question, think, analyze,
synthesize, conclude, communicate
+ Teaching to focus from the infinitely
large to the infinitely small, from the distant
past and present to the future

Good Spiritual Lives

+ Spiritual exercises of interiority,
meditation prayer, communication with the
universe, eternity and God


+ The World Core Curriculum -- Foundations and Implementation (New, 1999) $35.00

+ The World Core Curriculum Journal, Volume I $35.00

+ Video on Global Education in The Robert Muller School $25.00
All of the above publications are available through

The Robert Muller School International Coordinating Center
6005 Royaloak Drive
Arlington, Texas, 76016 USA

(Prices do not include postage and handling, and must be for US dollars. MC and Visa accepted.)

2005 World Core Curriculum Conference
Fall 2005

Location: Robert Muller Center for Living Ethics
in Fairview, Texas
Robert Muller Schools International Coordinating Center

+ How to Start a Robert Muller School
+ A Revolution in Education is Needed
+ Balanced Beginnings
+ Global Elementary Model United Nations
+ Links to related sites
+ Robert Muller School Publications
Please send questions or comments to The Robert Muller School.

Robert Muller LIFE Schoo,Panajachel, Guatemala

Replies to Robert's recent Good Morning World messages:

Dear Dr. Muller,

You have shed and spread so much light during your life, we do hope that recent treatments on your eyes has been effective.

In love and light a fellow server,
Rebecca Field


I subscribe to one of Robert's email letters.
I also had the occasion to listen to Andy Rooney's commentary this evening on 60 Minutes talking about MEMORIAL DAY
and his desire to find an alternative to war as he lost many of his close friends in the last war. In any event.

I couldn't help but be inspired to send him and email suggesting that he visit Robert's site as his IDEA 4000 calling
for empowerment of the United Nations was a direct answer to his prayer for an alternative to war! Hopefully,
he will be encouraged to take some initiative - seeing that he is in the media.

I'm praying that someone will set off a spark that will rally people to urge their governments to initiate action on IDEA 4000.



I have been enjoying your communications -- we are on the same wavelength, and you are so eloquent about it.
I have been your fan for decades now.

My thought about what's vital to do is to get the need for a change of worldview into popular conversation.
I've attached a draft of what I contemplate sending out to a potential team -- am meeting with people
individually first. I could use some muscle behind me -- like a George Soros, who could get the Larry Kings
and the Bill Moyers of the world to attend the kind of event I have in mind. I am confident I can deliver
something powerful but I don't want to preach to the choir, and getting the right audience there is a
You also might enjoy my blog:

Robert and Barbara:

Thank you for your beautiful note and all your blessings for my better health. Your lines are always saying
so much in beautiful simple ways. What a precious gift you are to all of us. We are listening!!!

Robert wrote: "Catalina, we have a peace monument with a white dove on its top at the University for
Peace in Costa Rica. It has this inscription: Happy the Costa Rican Mother who, when she gives birth
to a child, knows that he will never be a soldier. May we become the planet where all mothers will be
able to say that. Robert and Barbara Muller. "


Dearest Drs. Robert and Barbara Muller,

I am a professional mediator who has returned to school to complete my PhD. research in consciousness
evolution and the support of natural law at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield Iowa.

Perhaps you will recall that we met briefly last fall, outside the entrance to the Patanjali Golden Dome.
I was with a friend Robert Schueler, and we shared our appreciation with Barbara for your mutual
contribution to the value of the conference.

Inspired by your speech and the conference in general, I was motivated to found;
a LLC affiliated with HAPPE Programs, Inc. a 501-C3 Not-for-profit Corporation. is dedicated to supporting knowledge and technologies validated to create Peace.
Our Plan to establish Peace on earth in 20 days requires the support and vision of millions of people.
Therefore, I am writing to request your help in reaching more peace loving people by asking you to place
links to our site from your sites and visa versa.

Additionally, since I am relatively new to the web, I would sincerely appreciate networking URL’s to
related sites that you are aware of and to provide us with as much visibility as your heart feels
comfortable with.

Thanking you for your support and all you continue to do.

Wishing you both peace in love.


Stan Kendz, founder,

Please join,

Together we will create World Peace.

I hope you're well. Please look at the message, below, to Antioch College history prof, Irwin Abrams-- world authority
on Nobel prize winners. I hope to see him next week , at a 50th reunion. Please also look at the Resolution,
below, which I am vigorously promoting-- tho with only partial success....
Howard Cort ---- & love to Barbara...
----- Original Message -----

Subject: Fw: Implementation of Resolution S.3 Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Dear Irwin, It will be a real pleasure to see you next week & participate in the Dinner. Thank you, Larry, for providing
Irwin's addrress.

Below is the text of a United Nations Association (UNA-USA) Resolution which passed on March 7 , 2005
at our convention in NY City. Our NYS Capital Area UNA-USA Chapter (of which I am President) was one
of the co-sponsors, & I am now actively working for the implementation of Recommendations 4 & 5.
(Recommendation 6 recently began implementation re. a recent gathering in Monctclair, N J, which I also
I hope we might strategize a bit about this issue next week.

I am also cc-ing Community Solutions (Community Service, Inc.)- as well as Reunion Co-ordinator Barbara
Schram- & have written Faith Morgan & Mr. Murphy re. my hope to meet with the CSI Board &/or some of
the key folks next week (certainly including Jane Morgan).
Over the past several years, I have become well acquainted with Dr. Robert Mueller, former UN Under
Secretary General, & I recently mentioned you to him--which elicited a fine, international smile!
BTW, there is an interesting connection between my promoting Recommendations 4 & 5, below, & my
studies with, & perception of the central approach, of Arthur Morgan--namely looking into all alternatives
in cases of important public policy.

Mir y druzhba,
Howard Cort

4. Further recommends that—to support and complement the peace process—there be developed a
Compendium of Alternative Approaches to Palestinian-Israeli Co-existence;

5. Calls upon UNA-USA, in cooperation with the World Federation of United Nations Associations
(WFUNA), to apprise the Quartet of this intent, and to seek funding for this study, and to ensure that
all relevant parties are adequately represented in its development, operations and conclusions;

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