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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


[GMW #734] Celebrating The Million Of People Living Happy Lives

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[GMW #734] Celebrating The Million Of People Living Happy Lives
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Ending War

~ Idea 3097 ~

I concentrate too much on governments, leaders, institutions, economics, politics. Behind all that there are hundreds of millions of happy families, happy mothers, fathers, children and grandparents. They manage to stick together in the worst circumstances as I was shown so vividly by my family during World War II.

We should therefore also have World Days of:

the family
and the departed

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Humans! Those miraculous walking beings with an invisible round globe on their shoulders, capable of embracing the entire universe!

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

My mother, the milliner, had many materials which she endlessly rearranged into different, beautiful hats for the joy of her customers.

I have at my disposal many materials given to me by the UN. I rearrange them endlessly into different, beautiful achievements for the benefit of humanity and of the Earth.


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Re: [GMW #732] Reducing Over Consumption & Over Population For A Better World

Hi Robert and Barbara,
I have just returned from a thrilling Institute of Noetic Sciences conference in Washington D.C. where I met an amazing Brazilian creature. She is very brilliant, beautiful and respected throughout her country. Dulse's dream and passion is to have a Festival of Peace in Floritas, Brazil, September 1 thru 10. 2006. I want you both to be a major presence there as well as your University of Peace and take this occassion to help bring the world together to hold hands and celebrate what can be!!
Her hope is to have 60,000 people there, but also have simultaneous peace festivals around the world all interconnected. Let's talk and see how you suggest we proceed. All love, tahdi

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