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Monday, July 25, 2005


[GMW #737] Peace With Nature - Included In Peace Movements

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[GMW #737] Peace With Nature - Included In Peace Movements
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~ Idea 1683 ~
It is henceforth essential to broaden the objectives of all peace movements on this planet to include also peace with nature, the biggest war ever on this planet. Peace movements should make it their priority issue.

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Earth's Ecology, Religion & Spirituality

Robert's Golden Sayings
Nothing is more important than life. From birth to death we know, we feel the centrality of our life. But so many people, values and things around us want to replace our centrality by theirs. The art of living is to protect and develop our own centrality.
No person is ever totally self-realized or fulfilled. We learn and enrich ourselves until we die. We gain new capacities and we lose old ones. The art of living has no end. It is too rich to be exhausted in a single life.

A painter will never paint all he wants to paint
A writer will never write all he wants to write
A composer will never compose all he wants to compose

Once a skill is mastered and has become a second nature there is no end to what you can and want to do.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

I will not be remembered for my work for the UN and for the University for Peace, but for the faith, hope, inspiration and happiness I gave to others through my writings, work, example and speeches.

Hello dearest Friends,
May the water pollution on our planet end with our words of gratitude and love for the waters of our Earth for just 3 minutes of our time tomorrow..
This works for the water we drink too..happy water brings amazing results in our bodies.
I love you, Barbara Muller

Subject: A Prayer for Water on Monday, July 25th
Date:Sun, 24 Jul 2005 16:48:11 -0600
(Masaru Emoto's water crystal images were featured in "What the Bleep Do We Know".)

From Emoto...

In the beginning of April, I received an invitation to visit Brazil from NGO called A CRY OF WATER  in Sao Paulo. I visited there about one week and gave 6 lectures in various places. During my visit, I was asked to take the lead in the ceremony to purify the water of Lake Pichucaba in Sao Paulo, for Lake Carapicuiba was heavily polluted recently (Photo below). Of course, I accepted that request and went to the lake with 30 friends on Sunday of the week. In fact, water of the lake was considerably polluted and gave off a terrible smell. And I was bewildered by the unexpected size of the lake. I thought the lake was too large for sending energy to all corners of the lake by 30 persons.

Lake Carapicuiba

After thinking for a while, I decided how to offer our prayer. First, I asked them to put the water of the lake into a 500 cc PET bottle. Then I asked them to join hands in a circle and put the bottle in the center of this circle. And I said, By this number, this lake is too large to pray directly to water. So let's offer a prayer to the water of this PET bottle. By doing this, this small quantity of water will resonate with the water of the whole lake and will surely bring about the same effect to the lake.

Gazing at the water, I said 3 times,

I Love You, Water. I Thank You, Water. I Respect You, Water.

Other people repeated the same after me. And we offered our thought to water for a minute
Prayer to the water of Lake Carapicuiba put in a 500 cc PET bottle placed in the center of our circle

I brought three PET bottles back to Japan. The 1st is water before a prayer, 2nd is water put in a PET bottle after a prayer, and the last is water of the lake after offering a prayer. Of course, I took pictures of those water crystals. The results are shown below.

Water of Lake Carapicuiba Water of Lake Carapicuiba in 500 cc PET bottle before the prayer placed at the center of our circle and prayed for

Water of Lake Carapicuiba
after the prayer
(We did nothing directly)

I myself led the prayer and got these images, subsequently. But I did not expect that we could take these pictures so perfectly in this way. When I saw these pictures, I got goose bumps and found no word to say. I found that what I am going to do on July 25th is to the point. I was moved deeply and was not able to hold back my tears.

Now you can imagine. On July 25th, we offer pure prayer to water in various places of the world, wishing the peace of our earth and human beings. Much water for praying is not required. Only a glass of water will do. And please pray for 3 minutes at home, at work, at the edge of the lake, at the riverside, at the lakeside, or at the beach. You may pray any time on July 25th. The waves generated by the HADO (vibration) of our sincere prayer will wrap in this wounded planet completely. A blueprint of our planet Earth and our human society filled with Love and Thanks and without any conflicts will be formed on this day.

Lets say together on July 25

I Love You, Water.
I Thank You, Water.
I Respect You, Water.

June 25th
President of the Project of Love and Thanks to Water
Masaru Emoto

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