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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


[GMW #753] Albert Schweitzer My Will & Hope Are Optimistic

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[GMW #753] Albert Schweitzer My Will & Hope Are Optimistic
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Idea Dreams 6001-6500

~ Idea 6024 to 6028 ~

A few quotations from my compatriot Albert Schweitzer from Alsace-Lorraine, a province of France on the border with Germany.

Idea 6024 “When I am asked if I am a pessimist or an optimist I answer: my knowledge is pessimistic, but my will and hope are optimistic.”

Idea 6025 “An increase or decrease of the temperature of the Earth, a deviation of her axis, an increase of the level of the sea or a change of the composition of the atmosphere would be sufficient to put an end to our existence on Earth. The Earth herself could be the victim of a cosmic catastrophe as it has happened to other heavenly bodies. What we need for the Earth we do not know. This is a strong reason that we cannot believe that we have a meaning or goal of the immense universe.”

Idea 6026 “Henceforth we can no longer ignore the total sum of misery which exists on Earth. Humans must also learn what the human soul can undertake to put an end to that misery.”

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Earth's Ecology, Religion & Spirituality

Robert's Golden Sayings
Evolution went from the inorganic to the organic, from the simple to the complex, from the invertebrates to the vertebrates, from the aquatic to the terrestrial. Now one species, the human species, is developing into a multi-environmental and dimensional species (aquatic, terrestrial, aerial, extra-terrestrial, mystical and psychic) and into extra-vertebrates (machines, means of transportation, industries, etc. which are external sustaining vertebrae). What a revolution!
A human being can spend an entire life studying the nervous system or electronic circuits or world communications. I have spent my life studying, feeling and loving everything that was good and beautiful on this planet and for humanity.
My dream has been to give others the courage to go on dreaming their dreams and seeing visions.
All humans meet at the deeper levels of prayer and in the common experience of God. Hence, only a world spirituality can save humanity from its quandaries.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

All the great virtues peace, spirituality, knowledge, justice, wisdom are best illustrated by the example of great lives. This is why the University for Peace has launched a series of symposia held at the United Nations, entitled:

"Great Visionaries of Peace".


To Dr. Robert Muller:

Today that we conmemorate the end of WWII in the Pacific, after the atomic boms, and therefore 60 years of global peace, though not without local wars, I want to thank you and Barbara, for your on going inspirantions for a much better world and a more democratic UN.

I am among those who would like to contribute to your tasks.

Best wishes,
José Manuel Aguilar
The North-South Institute
Global People´s Assembly-Europe

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