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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


[GMW #774] Participating Globaly Without Harmful Travel

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[GMW #774] Participating Globaly Without Harmful Travel
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Ending War

~ Idea 3230 ~
The Earth:

"Dear Robert,

Why do you humans have so many unresolved problems? Apparently, there are 12,200 of them. It is staggering.

By now, you should have found your right ways, beliefs, behaviors, education and proper world institutions. What do you do with wars, militaries, armaments, over-population, over-consumption and have no over-all global government and laws and regulations to deal with these problems on which you spend substantial sums of money and still create destruction to me?

I wonder for example how much damage the holding of thousands of peace conferences are doing to me, while armaments production continues to increase and the militaries remain unperturbed and unchanged."


I begin to feel like that myself and am less and less accepting to attend world peace conferences. I send them a message or extracts from my 3500 ideas. The one on peace counts 183 pages.


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Robert's Golden Sayings
Empty your head of the voices of humans and fill it with the voices of God and of nature. They will give you the right answers.
Make your life a garden of happiness. Devote to your life no less care than you would to your flowers.
We need a new world philosophy of happiness. Aristotle held that knowledge and happiness were the two basic human yearnings. Bentham developed a general philosophy of happiness. Today, humanity has abandoned knowledge to the scientists and happiness to the merchants. There must be a world philosophical renaissance.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

"If there is an evolution, however slow, in the direction of world community, it will probably owe a great deal to the presence of thousands of trained people in every part of the globe whose calling as diplomats requires them to look over their own fence in an effort to understand how other peoples' minds and consciences work.



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