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Thursday, September 15, 2005


[GMW #775] Organizing Earth For Our Future Evolution

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[GMW #775] Organizing Earth For Our Future Evolution
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Earth's Ecology

~ Idea 1982 ~

In Idea 502 (Volume II) I listed the three main periods through which the Untied Nations and humanity have gone since 1945: 1) humanism; 2) the environment; and 3) the Earth as number 1. In these last 500 Ideas I mentioned a fourth period: our future evolution.

It suddenly occurs to me that the UN is still structured according to the needs and philosophy of the first period, namely humanism with the objectives of peace, well-being, health, labor, food, education, culture, human rights, etc.

The structure of the UN system does not reflect adequately the other three recent and equally fundamental preoccupations, except the environment. A basic, restructuring of the UN and its specialized agencies must therefore be considered, to make it the principal, central Organization of the Earth and of Future Evolution.

We should create a World Air and Atmosphere agency, a World Water Agency, a World Climate Agency, a World Ocean Agency, a World Outer Space Agency, etc. Within these fundamental aspects of the Earth we should consider the place, actions and fulfillment of the human species.

This reform should become a priority item on the agenda of world affairs at this beginning of a new century and millennium.

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My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 7

So many people in the world are working for peace and the common good of humanity that national governments and their misbehavior are becoming impardonable obstacles to world progress. it is high time for the people to lead the leaders.



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