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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


[GMW #779] A Non-Violent Civilization

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[GMW #779] A Non-Violent Civilization
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Ending War

Introduction Ideas 601 to 700

In brief, we need urgently a comprehensive science, strategy and methodology of non-violent resolution of conflicts and peace and a political will at the highest level for a peaceful and non-violent civilization in the 21st century and third millennium. - Robert Muller

We are constantly astonished these days at the amazing discoveries in the field of violence. But I maintain that far more undreamt and seemingly impossible discoveries will be made in the field of non-violence. - Mahatma Gandhi

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Robert's Golden Sayings
The beauty, culture and sharing of hearts and minds that occurs in the United Nations on a day-to-day basis is astounding and should not be measured on the yardstick of instantaneous results, as some would want.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 7

Until I knew U Thant I did not know what a wonderful man he was. Similarly most people do not know what a wonderful organization the United Nations is. Knowledge is the first step to understanding and respect. If you know your United Nations you will love it. Join your local United Nations Association. If there is none, create one. 21

Dear Friends,

Peace and Blessings on this World Special Peace Day 21st September 2005.

I am writing you today on this special world peace day and sharing with you the peace projects with all of your continue support, appreciation help and energies.

Following are the projects I completed with you all my friends for this world peace day 21 September 2005 with a hope for Peace and a better world for our children and next generations.

Projects Details

Mohammad Iqbal Behleem Peace Music Projects on
WORLD PEACE DAY September 21'st 2005


1) World Peace Prayer by all Artists -2005 (Click on link to listen)

62 Artists from 22 Countries

2) T:AP World Peace Day Song -2005 (Click on link tolisten)

With 15 Artists Wordwide (Tappers)

3) I am with you (Humanitarian art-2005) (Click on link to listen)

Peace song with Lida Sherafatmand (Iran/malta)

4) May Peace Live in Our Hearts (Click on link to listen)

Peace song with Glenna Mayer (Usa)

5) Arts for Peace (Click on link to listen)

Peace song with Guido Vermulen (Belgium) and Huma Vachha (India)

6) Nenufar Song (Click on link to listen)

Peace song with Liza Leyla (Belgium)


Happy Listening

I will wait for your valuable comments

Blessings and Peace

Mohammad Iqbal Behleem



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