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Monday, October 03, 2005


[GMW #787] Establishing More Universities For Peace World Wide

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[GMW #787] Establishing More Universities For Peace World Wide
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~ Idea 2923 ~

At a conference in Palm Springs Dr. John Hagelin, President of the Natural Law Party, the third party in the United States, told me of the plan of the Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa, of which he is the President, to create fifteen universities for peace around the world. He said that this was principally in response to my inspiration and work at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica. He asked me to be a trustee of these universities which I accepted with joy.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
The mind can contain only one thought at the same time. If it is an unhappy thought, replace it by a good one which will chase the first. This old Hindu recipe never fails.
We are a very developed planet scientifically and technologically, but still underdeveloped politically, morally, sentimentally and spiritually. This must be redressed, corrected in the coming age.
Get your importances straight:
The body is more important than clothes
The mind is more important than books
Hearing is more important than radio
Seeing is more important than television
Life is more important than anything else
Please act and live accordingly.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

Since the UN is dealing with the most difficult problems on Earth, do not encourage it to fail, but help it to succeed.

Most of All They Taught Me Happiness
by Robert Muller

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From Barbara:

Good morning dearest Family and Friends,
This entire issue of Happ-E-Newsletter for October 1, 2005, is devoted to Robert Muller ..all 10 pages, enjoy!! It is truly beautiful!
Love, Barbara and Robert (Dad)

You can be happy every moment
of the rest of your life.
- Lionel R. Ketchian

Happ-E-Newsletter for October 1, 2005

Welcome My Dearest Friend!

Today we honor a happiness pioneer...Dr. Robert Muller.
Dr. Muller has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize 32 times.

Dr. Robert Muller has said, "John Denver visited me years ago at the University for Peace, on his way to sing for hope to young people around the world. In my little wooden cabin in Costa Rica he went to the bathroom and I was waiting for him outside. He came out, with tears in his eyes and said to me: "Robert, you have rendered me a great service." I looked at him surprised, and he answered: "I read your text hanging on a wall, 'Decide to Forgive' and it gave me the answer to a nightmare I am going through: my Australian wife has abandoned me, taking with her our daughter. I was desperate and did not know what to do. You gave me the answer: I forgive her."

These are the words John Denver read:

"Decide to Forgive
For resentment is negative - Resentment is poisonous - Resentment diminishes and devours the self. Be the first to forgive, to smile and to take the first step, - And you will see happiness bloom - On the face of your human brother or sister, - Be always the first -
Do not wait for others to forgive - For by forgiving - You become the master of fate - The fashioner of life - The doer of miracles. - To forgive is the highest, - most beautiful form
of love. - In return you will receive untold peace and happiness."
- Dr. Robert Muller

"Life is an adventure in forgiveness." - Norman Cousins

"The Need to Forgive
Jesus on the cross asked the Father in heaven to forgive those who crucified him.
Mahatma (the Great Soul) Gandhi, as he was shot in his garden, on the way to prayer, exclaimed: "O God, forgive him."
Pope John Paul II went to the prison cell to pray with his intended assassin.
Nelson Mandela, when he was inaugurated president of South Africa, had his jailer at his side on the platform during the ceremony.
Martin Luther King said: "Do to us what you will, and we shall continue to love you."
- Dr. Robert Muller

"Are there any Clubs of Happiness in the world? There should be many. I dream of Robert Muller Peace and Happiness Clubs and of a World Federation of them. My book Most of All They Taught Me Happiness and all my other writings on peace and happiness should be available there as well as the many books by other authors who have dealt with these fundamental subjects. Videos, songs and films should also be available there. Let us make the Earth the most peaceful and happiest planet in the universe." - Dr. Robert Muller

Dear Dr. Robert Muller
I consider you the "Bringer of Happiness," for the human race. You have brought light to a darkened world. The life you have lived and continue to live has shown us all the meaning of peace, love and happiness! The work you have done and continue to do shows us the brightness of your light. The ideas you have brought us and taught us can keep us in the light as we continue to spread them to everyone. Thank you my dear soul for showing us that it truly is A Wonderful Life. I remind you now of these words from your good friend Norman Cousins when he wrote them in 1978 for the forward to your book.

"Having lived at the center of events in a period of unique human evolution, he has attempted to share with others the formulas that let him remain happy and hopeful in the face of somber and complex problems. His formulas derive from a perspective essential to happiness: He does not feel trapped by time and space; he knows himself to be a positive element in an orderly, evolving universe.He has asked himself, "What is the objective and meaning of life?His answer: "To be happy, to feel fully the miracle of life, and to be endlessly grateful for it. - Norman Cousins

I look forward to celebrating your 100th birthday with you!

"PEACE: Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." - (unknown) This was sent to us from Anne Fasanella, a regular of the Happiness Club.

Life is complicated, happiness is simple!
Happiness Empowerment to You! LIVE RICHLY...PRACTICE HAPPINESS!
Sharing Love, Peace and Happiness with you,
Lionel Ketchian

Reminding you to make the "Happiness Decision." Giving you our Happiness Club Meeting dates, The Happiness Show, on television and on the Internet, the newest happiness information, and your latest copy of the Be Happy Zone Article's that are published every other Wednesday in the Fairfield Citizen-News. In the middle of this newsletter you can read an article called:


"Happiness which comes from the heart should be used to influence the brain. To be happy is indeed to be intelligent. To ignore it is a form of unintelligence. - Dr. Robert Muller
Think Smart, Look Smart, Be Smart...Be Happy!

Most of All They Taught Me Happiness by Robert Muller
Back by popular demand, a new edition of the classic first published in 1978!

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Dearest Happiness Readers,

I'm very moved and happy that Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness is being republished as I am sitting in my little cabin in Costa Rica, rereading these stories of my life.

At the age of 82, I just reread "A Moral and Spiritual Dimension which brought tears to my eyes after finding among other stories, this very moving story by Mother Teresa who was a member of a United Nations meeting dealing with the moral and spiritual dimensions of the UN.

These treasures would be lost forever if this book were not being republished. As my wife Barbara says, "The readers of the world are more open and ready for books like this than they were at the time it was published.

My advice to you is have a dream and believe in it. Strong dreams always come true and that is exactly is what is happening. My dream to have Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness republished is now true too. Thank you Amare Media for giving me the happiness to reread my words written so many years ago and still loved by so many. These stories are as true today as they were when I wrote them.

In Happiness and Peace,
Robert Muller


• You can be happy no matter what the circumstances
• Deciding to be happy can even save your life
• Your happiness is a great contribution to Peace

"Robert Muller shows us that through our intention we can manifest a happy destiny for ourselves and others, regardless of the circumstances.
- WAYNE DYER, author of The Power of Intention

"Robert's book is a compelling reminder that all of us are responsible for creating the
happiness of the human family and of the Planet that sustains us - and in so doing we may bring about our own fulfillment and highest bliss.
- DEEPAK CHOPRA, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

"These stories reveal that by overcoming the illusionary fears and limitations of our ego, we may step into the limitless power and wisdom of our true divine selves.
- NEALE DONALD WALSCH, author of Conversations with God

"Dr. Robert Muller was one of my teachers as I learned the power of understanding, forgiveness and love in the process of healing. Today I know I give myself a gift when I forgive and I thank him for being such a caring teacher."
- BERNIE SIEGEL, M.D. author of Love, Medicine & Miricles

Implicit in Robert Muller's "recipes for happiness (an earlier title for this book) is a belief I share — the belief that pessimism and optimism are significantly more than opposite moods. Just as despair sets the stage for its own omens, so reasoned hope provides the essential nutriments for a flowering of the spirit that enhances life, thereby contributing regenerative energies to the shared living environment. The fact is that we do not know enough to be pessimists. Throughout history, man's supposed limitations have given way before the power of the human imagination, the ability of the human intellect to conceive of and do what has never been done before. The vision of life as it ought to be acts as a powerful magnet in the advance of the human race. Pessimism operates in a narrowed field of vision that fails to take into account the possibilities at the outer edges of experience.
- NORMAN COUSINS, author of Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient

In these memorable stories from a lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of global peace, Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations reveals the greatest lesson learned. Even in the hardest and most hopeless moments, immersed in the atrocities of wartime cruelty, imprisoned in a suffocating cell, surrounded by pessimists and doomsayers, Robert remained optimistic and joyful in the pursuit of his childhood dream of a borderless world. Holding faithful to his higher purpose, he chose to overcome fear and self-limitation in the most dangerous and seemingly inescapable situations - and as a result remained in a state of happiness, which he spread to all others around him.

Time Magazine, January 17, 2005 had a special Mind, Body issue devoted to Happiness. Do Optimists live longer? They must because Robert Muller, author of 22 books, is living proof that Happiness gives you the extra edge and at age 82 Robert continues speaking, writing and sending his good news via his daily E-mail message at: Dr. Muller's website is:

Most of All They Taught Me Happiness is available for $12.95
Send check to:
Amare Media LLC, c/o Para Publishing PO Box 8206 Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206
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I enjoyed the opportunity of a lifetime. Two years ago I interviewed a man that I consider one of the greatest pioneers for peace and happiness. Monday, October 24, 2005 is United Nations Day and the UN will be 60 years old. The person I spoke with is Dr. Robert Muller who was a former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. Dr. Muller's distinguished career at the United Nations has spanned nearly 40 years. During his tenure with the world body, he contributed significantly to the creation of a number of its specialized agencies. He is considered the "father of global education."

I spoke to Dr. Muller and his wonderful wife Barbara while they were staying in California. They were getting ready to leave for a trip to Tokyo, Japan for the Goi Peace Award. Dr. Robert Muller was presented with the Goi Peace Award on October 19, 2003 and delivered a speech at the banquet. The Goi Peace Award is presented annually to honor individuals and organizations in various fields that have made outstanding contributions toward the realization of a peaceful and harmonious world for all life on earth.

I first came to know about Dr. Muller when I read his book, Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness, many years ago. I consider this book among the ten best books I have ever read. It was then that I knew that I was reading about a man that understood happiness better than anyone else in our time. I learned that at a young age he experienced the horrors of World War II, because the Nazis imprisoned him. This was the case even though he was born in Belgium and was a Catholic. At the end of the war, Dr. Muller decided to devote his life to peace. He equipped himself with a doctorate degree in law from the University of Strasbourg. In 1947, Dr. Muller won a contest initiated by the United Nations with an essay on world government. He was invited to join the UN as an intern in 1948.

Dr. Muller devoted the next 38 years of his life at the United Nations, until his retirement in 1986. He rose through the ranks at the UN to the position of Assistant Secretary-General. He worked directly with three secretaries-generals, U Thant, Kurt Waldheim and Javier Perez de Cuellar, as director of the secretary general's office, as secretary of the Economic and Social Council and as deputy under-secretary-general for coordination and interagency affairs in the secretary-general's office. In this capacity he helped coordinate the work of the thirty-two UN specialized agencies and world programs. He delivered on average 180 speeches a year. In those speeches, he would often mention the miracle of how humans at long last were self-consciously organizing themselves to solve the planet's problems. He was also in charge of launching several world conferences. Appointed Assistant Secretary-General by Perez de Cuellar, he worked at the UN until 1986.

In 1986, Dr. Muller retired to Costa Rica, there he serves as a one-dollar-a-year Chancellor Emeritus of the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, a university that he helped create. Working from his hillside writer's cabin just above the University, he rises at dawn, watches the sunrise and writes for two hours every morning in order to conclude his lifework. He is in great demand as an international speaker and concentrates his efforts on promoting greater human understanding and global awareness.

Dr. Muller is the author of twenty-two books, which have been published in several languages. He received the UNESCO Peace Education Prize in 1989, the Albert Schweitzer International Prize for the Humanities in 1993 and the Eleanor Roosevelt Man of Vision Award in 1994. He was the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation World Citizen honoree for 2002. Since 1984, this Foundation has honored some of the great peace leaders of our time, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, The XIVth Dalai Lama, Jacques Cousteau, and King Hussein of Jordan. In recognition of his work, Dr. Muller has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize thirty-two times.

Robert Muller is the man behind Ted Turner's billion-dollar donation to the United Nations and thousands of other acts of conscience. Ted Turner said, "Robert Muller has had a very large positive influence on me. He has a wonderful global outlook and a loving, kind-hearted attitude of forgiveness and understanding and patience. I have great admiration and respect for him. He's one of the greatest men to come along in a long time."

Robert Muller is considered the "father of global education," and his World Core Curriculum is used in an increasing number of schools around the world and serves as the educational structure of the 43 Robert Muller Schools. The first Robert Muller School was started in Arlington, Texas, USA, in 1979, to implement Robert Muller's World Core Curriculum and make the results available to educators around the world. This school is now the International Coordinating Center for the Robert Muller Schools and other groups around the world implementing the World Core Curriculum. Dr. Muller said to me that the children learn "you are a miracle." They go home and tell their parents; "I learned that I am a miracle." He said, "One miracle does not hurt another miracle. That's why they do not fight with one another."

I asked Dr. Muller about his religious outlook and he said all religions must realize the spiritual answers to life and not get stuck on being right. Dr. Muller is 82 years old, and he possesses the youngest and happiest mind I have ever had the privilege to know. He loves nature, and he is chock-full of gratitude. His says, "Life is an incredible miracle. We really need to be conditioned to happiness. We must become joyful."

Dr. Muller wrote this poem, "Decide to be happy. Render others happy. Proclaim your joy. Love passionately your miraculous life. Do not listen to promises. Do not wait for a better world. Be grateful for every moment of life. Switch on and keep on the positive buttons in yourself; those marked optimism, serenity, confidence, positive thinking, love. Pray and thank God every day. Meditate - Smile - Laugh - Whistle - Sing - Dance. Look with fascination at everything. Fill your lungs and heart with liberty. Be yourself fully and immensely. Act like a king or queen unto Death. Feel God in you body, mind, heart, and soul. And be convinced of eternal life and resurrection."

What Gandhi was to nonviolence, Dr. Muller is to happiness and peace. Dr. Muller is a hero and role model for me and the world. He has taught us that happiness can make the world a better place to live. He said, "Decide To Be Happy."
He is still reaping the benefits of that decision and so are we.
His website is

By Lionel Ketchian
Originally published in the Fairfield Citizen-News, October 22, 2003

Happ-E-Mail :)
Thank you Dr. Muller for inspiring and educating us with your wisdom. By so freely sharing your beautiful spirit and your knowledge, you have opened up the hearts and minds of thousands of people from around the world and helped us to more clearly understand that it is possible for humans to live in peace with each other and in harmony with our Earth. We salute you! - Marguerite Lorimer and John Veltri, Fairfax, California

Happ-E-Quote :)
What Robert Muller has done in sharing his encounters with events, people, places, ideas — in tendering his "recipes for happiness — is to give us operational definitions of love. The frustrations that make us unhappy arise from an inability to make life-affirming connections between ourselves and others, between ourselves and the circulatory systems within the universe that sustain us. Our frustrations also arise from the mistaken belief that the complexities of life preclude happiness — that life is something from which we must flee to be happy. Robert Muller rejects any such notion on the premise that it is an unaffordable indulgence in futility from which we should spare ourselves and others." - Norman Cousins

Happ-E-Mail :)
Dear Robert....Today I celebrate you! I first came to know of the great work you were doing at a conference in San Diego many years ago ( Holistic conferences back in the days when many did not even know that word). It has been a comfort to know that you were out there holding the vision and doing your work. Thank you is too small a word to say what my heart says, but it will have to do. - Aloha, Annette Cassidy

Happ-E-Quote :)
"Neither do we have a science of happiness, a happyology. In these 6000 ideas I very often refer to the predominant value of happiness in human collectivities and individuals. Such a science would reveal the extreme variety of ways to find happiness by humans. For millions of them it is just to have enough food, a decent home and children. For others it is more sophisticated. What a fascinating science happyology would be! - Dr. Robert Muller

Happ-E-Mail :)
As the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations approaches, I can think of no better representative of its noble purpose than Dr. Robert Muller. Just as the sun rises each day, Robert rises to every occasion to speak about the UN and consistently inspires a magnificent vision of global community. - Rev. Juan Enrique Toro, President of the Board
Association of the Unity Churches

Happ-E-Quote :)
"Every city in the world should have a Mayor of Happiness, the happiest person in town to be elected to keep the happiness of that town." - Dr. Robert Muller

Happ-E-Mail :)
Of all Dr. Robert Muller's achievements, his global heart will have the most impact on future generations. He loves the world as if it was his child, deeply yearning for it to grow in happiness. This example will live on as his greatest legacy. - Rev. Rita Marie Johnson, Founding Director Peace Army Costa Rica

Happ-E-Quote :)
"We have statistics and surveys on almost any conceivable subject on Earth except one which is fundamental: happiness. There is need for a whole education, science, inquiries and surveys of happiness." - Dr. Robert Muller

Happ-E-Mail :)
Dear Dr. Muller, I begin with a confession, for I had not heard of your fine work, and only recently came across your book "Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness" in a dumpster, of all places! Do not take this personally, though. Your book was one of hundreds that had been thrown into large bins in the back of my local library. I was so saddened to see this. I began removing books and thumbing through them, quickly forming piles that could not possibly be doomed for the landfill. I knew from the very first chapter that I had uncovered a gem. I love this book! Your words have touched me, and I am inspired and enlightened by you. I am only on page 77, and don't want it to end too quickly, but I was encouraged to find so much more information about you and your work after an Internet search. I would like to learn more about your World Core Curriculum. Serendipity. It was no accident that I found your book. I will treasure it. I will continue to absorb your writings and will do my very best to spread love and peace in my life and in our world. I thank you sincerely and wish you every continued blessing.
Monica DeMeo, Farmington, CT.
P.S. Even your photograph shows the kindness in your heart! If you are ever speaking publicly it would be an honor to be in your presence!

Happ-E-Quote :)
"Happiness is the most common, universal desire of human beings and yet would you believe it: there is not a single university on Earth which teaches happiness and gives masterships or doctorates of happiness. How can such a gross deficiency prevail in a humanity which calls itself intelligent?" - Dr. Robert Muller

We are completing a DVD called:
Conversations about Happiness
Dr. Robert & Barbara Muller
Lionel Ketchian
You can see a four minute preview of the interview at this link is. Make sure your sound is turned up so you can hear it well.

Happ-E-Quote :)
"Humanity needs to give priority to the attainment of happiness by all humans.
I recommend the following in order to achieve it:
1. The creation of a Ministry of Happiness in every government.
2. The creation of a World Peoples' Movement for Human Happiness.
3. The teaching of happiness in every school on Earth.
4. The creation of a Faculty of Happiness in all universities.
5. The proclamation of a World Happiness Year and Day by the United Nations.
6. The creation of a Nobel Prize for Happiness.
7. The creation of many philanthropic awards and prizes to individuals, groups and institutions who contribute greatly to world happiness."
- Dr. Robert Muller

Happ-E-Mail :)
Hi! Are you having a great day? Regarding Meetings! Would it be possible to receive a message a day or two before the Happiness Club Meeting. Sincerely, Jaclyn Rothenberg

Dear Jaclyn, Thanks so much for your message! I think that is a great idea! I started an e-mail list for those who would like to receive an e-mail Happiness Club Meeting Message!! You are the first e-mail address on it!
Note: If anyone wants a meeting reminder a few days before just let me know and send me your e-mail address.

Happ-E-Quote :)
"We need exercises of happiness as much as we need physical exercises. We also need happiness advisors, not only psychiatrists. The achievement of happiness is the culmination of the miracle of human life. And we do not have a single Ministry of Happiness on Earth!" - Dr. Robert Muller

Happ-E-Mail :)
I really enjoyed your lead article, Don't Be Vulnerable!, in the last issue on why happiness is so much more than just a personal delight for the one enjoying happiness him or her self. Clearly, happiness leads people to reach out in positive ways to all others whereas the unhappy person seeks to spread unhappiness to others. Perhaps the most important point you make is that happiness be taught in our schools. Enough already with our wars on everything we don't like. I want to be a part of a new movement to solve our problems with love and happiness. Keep up the great work, Lionel, I feel your ideas are getting through to more and more people; the tide is turning. With love, happiness, and best wishes!
Dr. Bob Nozik

Happ-E-Quote :)
"When I see so many telephone booths, bank booths and outdoors 'soft' drinks vending machines I wonder why nowhere in the world I see any happiness booths which people could use to get comfort when they are unhappy, desperate or when something adverse has happened to them. In the local Mayor's office there should be a person well trained in the art of living to talk to such people, to help them. I would also like to see happiness stores on this planet, happiness departments in book stores and above all Ministries of Happiness in all governments. If the drafters of the US Constitution would return to Earth they would ask us, "What did you do with happiness? We wrote in our constitution that the pursuit of happiness was a main duty of government." - Dr. Robert Muller

Happ-E-Mail :)
Thanks for today's newsletter. Good job - great perspective. I think your work has turned a corner - looking at this latest view. If we can teach and inspire each other to choose our perspectives and thoughts wisely - and then live our lives accordingly, we will have made a great contribution to the world.

One of the social problems within a number of countries appears to be a sense of having been left behind - of jealousy, frustration, and a desire to hurt another - in spite of having a theology that really teaches better things. It's the everyday choices people make, in spite of different socio-economic levels and perspectives, that determine how we get along, or not.

>From the original Greek language, the translation for the word grace is as follows: "The divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude." So as we let divine ideas influence our hearts, and we reflect these ideas in good daily choices (like choosing happiness) and good acts, then we have much to be grateful for. Lionel, thanks for being a proponent of good choices! Best regards, Peter J. Jensen

Happ-E-Quote :)
"True real greatest happiness derives from the good one does, the service one renders. Wealth and specialized knowledge are not good enough if they are not accompanied by the practice of good. Yes dear reader, concentrate your life on doing good and being of service and you will be paid with untold happiness and surprising gains." - Dr. Robert Muller

Happ-E-Mail :)
Thank you for my subscription to the Happ-E-Newsletter. I have just received my first issue and look forward to future issues. At the risk of repeating something you have probably already heard, may I offer a statement of my personal philosophy. It may be a version of something that has already been published, so I do not claim to be the original author. It goes as follows: "Happiness is not a destination. Happiness is a method of travel." I convert it to a toast by adding, "and I wish you Happy Trails." I also believe that every day that passes without happiness in one's life is a day irretrievably wasted. Regards, Robert E. (Bob) Butler

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Happ-E-Quote :)
"World Universities should be created to study and teach the great concepts which have helped humanity over eons of time to live with the mysteries of life and death in the unfathomable universe and eternity: world universities of hope, of faith, of ethics, of love, of optimism, of happiness, of altruism, of justice, of thanksgiving, of forgiveness, etc." - Dr. Robert Muller

Our next Happiness Club meeting will be a presentation called:

Our next Happiness Club meeting will be a presentation by Bob Nozik, M.D. Dr. Nozik is an amazing individual and he is in charge of the California Happiness Club. He has studied happiness, and has been happy for the last 19 years and just authored and recently published his book entitled, Happy 4 Life: Here"™s How to Do It.

Date :) Thursday, October 20, 2005
Time :) 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.
Place :) Fairfield Public Library, in the new Memorial Room
Address :) 1080 Old Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824
Admission is free; everyone is welcome.
Meet some wonderful people using happiness in their lives.

Call Lionel Ketchian (203) 258-7777 or E-mail:


Happ-E-Quote :)
"Since we all want our children and grandchildren to be happy, why don't we request that happiness should be taught in all schools and be put on the agenda of all governments and world organizations? How many schools and institutions do it? Very few, I am sure." - Dr. Robert Muller

California Happiness Club Meeting :)
Contact Bob Nozik, M.D. for more information. Dr. Nozik is an amazing individual and he is in charge of the California Happiness Club. He has studied happiness, and has been happy for the last 19 years and just authored and recently published his book entitled, Happy 4 Life: Here's How to Do It. Dr. Bob Nozik's e-mail address is and phone # 925 939-8655,

Aymee Coget is an Organizational Psychology Ph.D. student at Alliant International University, San Francisco, CA. Aymee's e-mail address is

Please RSVP because it helps Aymee & Bob prepare.
Meetings are free, hope to see you! Thank you!
Happily, Aymee

Happ-E-Quote :)
"Since the pursuit of happiness was rightly proclaimed by the founders of the United States as a basic goal of human life, how is it that no government has ever created a Ministry of Happiness? I recommend that such Ministries be created by every government on Earth." - Dr. Robert Muller

Canadian Ambassador Of Happiness:)
Jane Bradley, founder and recently retired president of the Happiness Club of Niagara, is now The Canadian Ambassador Of Happiness. Jane is unable to a maintain monthly meeting schedule but can be reached at

Happ-E-Quote :)
"I propose that there should be a world movement "Families without television." I can list the magnificent benefits in terms of the personal life, happiness and creativity I have derived from giving away my television set years ago. And with my new beloved wife, we have maintained this rule: no television ever as long as we will live, be it in our home or outside. We have never missed anything, only gained a lot of more intensive personal, happy, creative life. I think that true happiness with television is impossible." - Dr. Robert Muller

"Happiness is one of the most important things in your life. Happiness is an inner state of well being. A state of well being that enables you to profit from your highest: thoughts, wisdom, intelligence, common sense, emotions, health, and spiritual values in your life. Happiness does wonders for your soul. Practice "Premeditated Happiness." Happiness is an issue of power. We give our power to others for many reasons, and we think that they will make us happy. The truth is that we have given others power over ourselves. We can take our power back in order to be happy again. Now is the time to learn to use happiness in dealing with challenges and difficult people in your life so you can develop the strength to prevail. Reading this newsletter will not just make your life better; it will make the world a better place...because you have decided to be happy!" - Lionel Ketchian

"Laughter is inner jogging." - Norman Cousins

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"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." - Franklin D. Roosevelt
"Don't let go of the vine." - John Weissmuller, from the film, Tarzan.
Life is full of opportunities. Go For It! Carpe diem!



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