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Thursday, October 06, 2005


[GMW #790] More Global & Regional Flags

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[GMW #790] More Global & Regional Flags
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Earth's Ecology

~ Idea 381 ~ 26 July 1995

There exist already a few global flags for our planet: the UN flag, the Earth flag, the New Allegiance flag.

I recommend that more global flags be designed and used in the world: A Universe flag, a World flag, a Seas and Oceans flag, an Atmosphere flag, a Biosphere flag, a Mountains flag, a World Water flag, a Forests flag, an Arctic flag, an Antarctic flag, etc.

There exists also a European flag. Flags for all continents should be adopted: an Asian flag, an All-American flag, an African flag, a Middle-East flag. And why not local, family and personal flags?

An idea of Carolyn Hawkins:
The US Postal Services held a contest several years ago. They asked school age children to design stamps. At the end of the contest the Postal Service selected five designs and had them reproduced on the most charming series of postage stamps.

A similar contest could be run by the UN. School age children around the world could submit their design for flags for the Universe, Seas and Oceans, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Mountains, etc. At the end of the contest the UN could select the winning designs and have them reproduced as actual flags or UN stamps.

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