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Monday, October 17, 2005


[GMW #797] Peace Report From Each Nation Each Year

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[GMW #797] Peace Report From Each Nation Each Year
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~ Idea 3251 ~

Each government should submit every year a report to the United Nations on the peace and help it has received from the United Nations and other countries for its people and also what it has contributed to the peace and progress of other countries and of a better world.

Such a report could also be submitted by governments and by the United Nations Secretary General for the entire period since the creation of the UN after World War II. The document would be of great value to the next generation and to future global historians.


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Robert's Golden Sayings
Why are there so infinitely more news and discussions about the ills and blemishes of humanity than about its successes and achievements? Is that normal?
What the world needs most is a constructive attitude, a true love for life and for our wonderful planet. It is the duty of each of us, as children of the Earth, to practice and spread this correct world view.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

From an Indonesian newspaper:

"The UN is the only world organization on which nations can pin their hope for a better future for A humankind."

How right they are! Without the UN, there would be no hope at all, no world organization whatsoever, not even a place where all leaders of nations can meet, be represented and work on an ongoing basis.

Statement of a woman attending a conference of the US National Council for Women:

"In all my forty years as a representative of a non governmental organization at the UN there has never been a disagreement on the essentiality of the United Nations."

"In the tall glass house of the UN, members of the UN family come together and confront and articulate the world's problems and possibilities as has never been done before."

Elizabeth Cattell

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-- Rita Marie Johnson, Founding Peace Army of Costa Rica.


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