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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


[GMW #799] Achieving A Beautiful World Beyond Trends of Excess

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[GMW #799] Achieving A Beautiful World Beyond Trends of Excess
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Ending War

Introduction *
(Ideas 301 to 400)


We must envisage two radically different big pictures for the next millennium:

-a silent Earth from which all living species and flora will have disappeared as a result of atomic radiations, AIDS (the loss of the human immune system), alcohol, drugs, chemicals, oxygen loss, endless economic growth, overpopulation in the poor countries and overconsumption in the rich ones, violence, conflicts, the planet floating silently in the vast universe, covered with mountains of garbage, abandoned cars, yachts, airplanes, skyscrapers, airports, highways, cities, universities, museums and houses filled with piles of objects, toys and junk.

-a beautiful, alive, warless, well-preserved Earth with a stabilized human population living in small communities, in the middle of a regrown, healthy, magnificent, prolific nature, traveling little, consuming little, living simple, frugal lives, taking from the Earth only what is needed, in harmony with nature, well-governed, in spiritual union with God, the universe and eternity, happy and fulfilled, with few children, respecting the elderly and returning to the Earth without any caskets, to be resurrected into other life forms, a humanity in which there will be no homeless and hungry, in which every human being will be grateful for the miraculous gift of life on a unique, miraculous, life-blessed planet in the vast, star-studded universe.

To achieve the second picture, the United Nations, several major world conferences, World Commissions and innumerable citizens groups around the world have recommended vigorous action plans and are working very hard to implement them (e.g. population, the environment). But there are several major gaps on which I would like to recommend the following actions: [To come in future Good Morning Worlds.]


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Robert's Golden Sayings
We are good historians of facts.
We are good historians of intelligence, reason and discovery.
We are good historians of power, glory, politics and war.
But we are still bad historians of love, altruism, generosity, cooperation and peace. Let us change that.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

Since ours is a complex, interdependent world, there is the need for a complex, interdependent citizenship. U Thant called it multiple allegiances to: oneself, family, the city, nation, profession, humanity, the Earth and to Heaven.

Robert Muller Interview on KPFK Radio
Sunday morning October 30 at 10:00am
Robert was recently interviewed on KPFK radio in LA and on internet world wide. It was a wonderful interview about his years of world work and how he always remained optimistic.

It will be on aired Sunday morning October 30 at 10:00am on ..

On World Focus With Blase Bonpane. Please join us, click listen live and alert others too..
Love, Barbara
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"Of all Robert Muller's achievements, his global heart will have the most impact on future generations. He loves the world as if it was his child, deeply yearning for it to grow in happiness. This example will live on as his greatest legacy"
-- Rita Marie Johnson, Founding Peace Army of Costa Rica.


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