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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


[GMW #804] Peace Medals - the only acceptable medals on this planet - not military medals

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[GMW #804] Peace Medals - the only acceptable medals on this planet - not military medals
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Ending War

~ Idea 112 ~ 30 October 1994

The only medals acceptable on this planet should be peace medals, not military medals.

Jesus would shudder if he knew that the highest French military honor is the Croix de Guerre, the Cross of War!

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Do not punish anyone or anything. Leave punishment to God.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 1

Everything on this Earth becomes "organized" or "institutionalized", for it is the way of the human species. This is true both of good and evil, of love and hatred. The great challenge of our time is to institutionalize and organize well-being and cooperation on a planetary scale and to de-institutionalize war and hatred. This is the deeper meaning of the United Nations.

UN News Sources - United Nations News Service, UN Wire News Archive

A Poem About PEACE

Give peace a chance
that means lots of love,
in my thoughts
in my writings
in my heart
in my words
in my actions
in my hands
in my eyes
in my soul

for the war is not around me
but perhaps trapped in
my thoughts
my writings
my heart
my words
my actions
my hands
my eyes
my soul

so I begin today
for tomorrow will be much too late
sing a song for PEACE tonight
sing with me
you and I
I hold your hand
let the sound travel
the fragrance of love inspire
new beginnings
turning time and tides
it all begins with one spark
it all begins
with you and I

Peace be with you!

Healing Poetry Writing is a way to express ourselves, explore underlying feelings and messages that are important for us. Let your heart speak, send and receive love and beautiful messages for the life you want to be part of today. Create messages and images to better your mind, emotional and spiritual wellness, and for a better life for everyone, through your own poetry. Soon you'll experience that when the heart speaks love there is no distance between us...

Robert Muller Interview on KPFK Radio
Sunday morning October 30 at 10:00am
Robert was recently interviewed on KPFK radio in LA and on internet world wide. It was a wonderful interview about his years of world work and how he always remained optimistic.

It will be on aired Sunday morning October 30 at 10:00am on ..

On World Focus With Blase Bonpane. Please join us, click listen live and alert others too..
Love, Barbara
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"Robert Muller's extraordinary vision, courage and ebullience can't help but engender hope in anyone who hears or reads his words. How, you might wonder, can a man who, as an Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, was within the circles of power in the last half of the bloody 20th century have so much enthusiasm for human possibilities? Somehow he manages to see half full glasses as full glasses in the making. He has inspired my life as I read this book and allow him to do the same for you." -Vicki Robin, co-author Your Money or Your Life, founder Conversation Cafes.

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