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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


[GMW #814] Believing In Peace Makes It Now Possible

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[GMW #814] Believing In Peace Makes It Now Possible
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Ending War

~ Idea 1884 ~

The old generations never believed that peace was possible on this planet.

Youth believes it today and therefore peace will now be possible.

I hope that the first World Conference of Youth Ministers in Portugal will produce a comprehensive list of the beliefs of youth. These could be:

- there will never be any more world and international wars on this planet

- religious and ethnic wars will also vanish in the 21st century

- violence will be substantially reduced on this planet in the years to come

- we will see the birth of a proper Earth government in the 21st century

- a decent well-being will be assured to all humans on Earth

- the world population will soon be stabilized

- people will live more frugal, simple and happy lives, and our miraculous Earth will be respected, preserved and beautified to an incredible degree

- humanity will see a spiritual Renaissance and transcend itself into a spiritual union with the universe and time

- we will live in harmony and cooperation with the Earth, with each other, with the past and the future and with the heavens

- alcohol, drugs and smoking will disappear from this planet

- our planet will be demilitarized and denuclearized; its security will be assured by a proper world central security system.

- we will make it the most fabulous century of human history, the ultimate success of evolution, of the universe and God, the attainment of paradise to Earth


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Robert's Golden Sayings
We always expect a lot from life. But isn’t life also expecting a lot from us? Mustn’t we be of service to life, to our miraculous Mother Earth who gave birth to all of us?
Memories are a second chance at happiness.
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My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

Each human wants to have a good conscience but seldom does one ask what he or she can do for a better world. This is why the question of peace is left to the United Nations without much public interest or support for the organization. I pity those who at their death have no answer to God's question:

"What have you done for peace and a better world?"


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