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Thursday, November 17, 2005


[GMW #820] First Cabinet Meeting of the First Earth and Humanity Government

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[GMW #820] First Cabinet Meeting of the First Earth and Humanity Government
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Ending War

~ Idea 4501 ~
First Cabinet Meeting of the First Earth and Humanity Government

Start with meditation and prayer

The President:

1. The Minister of Happiness and Hope will address all the peoples of the world promising them happiness and giving them hope.

2. Announcement that all productions and sales of armaments are stopped, yielding the world savings of a half a trillion dollars which will be used for the hungry, the homeless and other social services.

3. All currencies exchanges are frozen at the current rate until a world currency is created.

4. All armaments, nuclear bombs, etc. will be destroyed by the militaries for whom new employments will be found starting with the creation of a World Police Service, incorporating all current national police forces, and of a World Environment Service.

5. Appeal to all newspapers, medias, radios and television not to broadcast any bad news.

6. Newspapers should limit themselves to a maximum of ten pages.

7. All national parliaments should meet forthwith and review their agendas to bring about proper world government.

8. All religions of the world should join in common prayers with their people for a peaceful, just, happy humanity and well-preserved Earth.

9. Toy manufacturers must stop immediately the production of war and violent toys. Existing stocks in all toy shops, wholesales and factories in the world are to be destroyed.

10. Appeal to people to avoid unnecessary travels, automobile driving and damages to the environment.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
If only all peace movements and world good causes groups would know how much they could achieve if they supported and sought the support of the UN!

The environmentalists understood the importance of the UN. They brought their concern to the UN, obtained the first world conference on the environment in Stockholm in 1972 which changed the course of the world. Prior to the decision of the UN to convene the first world environment conference there was not a single Ministry of the Environment on this planet. Today, there is not a country without one.


My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

Moses gathered sixty of his disciples to appoint them as prophets, but two of them did not show up. They were already out educating the people. Moses exclaimed:

"Oh how I wish that all the people of Israel follow their example and became prophets!"

I express the same wish for the 5 billion people of Earth. Become prophets of the UN, of peace and of a better world. The result will be no wars, armaments or militaries anymore.

"A good rest is half the work."

-Yugoslav Proverb - From


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by Dr. Robert Muller

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