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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


[GMW #828] Examples of New, Up To Date, Modern World Education

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[GMW #828] Examples of New, Up To Date, Modern World Education
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Idea Dreams 6001-6500

~ Idea 6079 ~
UNESCO should convene a World Conference on so-called ‘alternative educations’ like the Montessori, the Gandhi, the Rudolf Steiner, the Robert Muller and the United Nations Schools. They should be studied as examples of a new, up to date, modern world education.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Life is a stupendous embodiment, incarnation, vortex of divine, cosmic forces.
Only the unity of all can being the well-being of all.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

People should spend their lives doing good and avoiding evil. Think for a moment of all the good you can do over a lifetime. It is incredible. We are indeed instruments of God on Earth. We are the greatest living tools of cosmic good. We are all servants of the UN, servants of the Earth, and servants of Humanity.


Dear Sir,

Montessori of Macon has had a small middle school since 1997. We are now ready to consolidate all of our efforts using the World Core Curriculum framework that was highlighted in The Namta Journal Vol.18, No.3 Summer 1993.

We feel that the cohesiveness of this framework and Montessori's vision for the adolescent supports our school mission "to Educate the Whole Child for a Whole World".

I would appreciate any contacts that would support our endeavors, especially teachers that are involved in the implementation of this curriculum in the adolescent level. They should contact Tanya Melville Education Director, Montessori of Macon, (478) 757-8927 or

I am grateful for any assistance that can make peace a reality for our world.

Yours Tanya Melville

Butterfly Graphic"The child is not like an oak tree born as one growing stronger and taller, but like a butterfly in a constant state of metamorphosis."

-Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori of Macon's five-year strategic plan, developed by the Board of Directors during the 2003 - 2004 school year, addressed the need to accommodate the school's projected increase in enrollment. At present, Montessori of Macon has 93 students. The projected growth of the school will bring this number to 200 - 250 students, which will double current current classroom space requirements.

In January of 2005, the Montessori of Macon community met, and after careful consideration of various options, voted to build a new facility. The structure will be approximately 12,000 square feet, and will be located in a setting which will be conducive to our outdoor curriculum. In accordance with our core value of stewardship of the earth, our mission will be to utilize "green" construction materials and techniques wherever possible. A community and sense of place will be created which will inspire and promote our mission to educate the whole child for a whole world.

This "Future Vision" section of our website will be devoted to news of our plans, and of the Capital Campaign which will be necessary to realize our vision.

Parents and staff are currently volunteering for several committees which are working enthusiastically on various aspects of planning for our new school.

As a part of our Future Vision, we are already focusing our attention on ecologically sound practices within our school and in our homes, including:

  • Limiting paper waste by disseminating information via email and online
  • Recycling of paper, aluminum, and plastic
  • Packing school lunches in re-usable containers


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