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Monday, December 05, 2005


[GMW #832] Vice Preesidency for global Affairs in All Countries on Earth

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[GMW #832] Vice Preesidency for global Affairs in All Countries on Earth
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~ Idea 1978 ~

The UN is in my view and experience the most mind-boggling effort ever in human history to come to grips with all of humanity's and of the Earth's problems and further successful evolution. It does this in three ways:

- the fight against all evil, errors and injustices;

- the fulfillment of our dreams: peace, justice, well-being, human rights, literacy, the environment, the preserving of the Earth, continued evolution, etc.

- the promotion of great philosophical concepts and ideals such as hope, faith, dreams, visions, prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, etc.

Is it not astonishing that the problem of climatic changes which was signaled to humanity in a first UN world climate conference in 1979, followed by a second on in 1987, took almost twenty years to get the attention of the world media and of many governments? I will never forget how in the late 1970's a number of climatologists (a new profession born in the wake of meteorology, i.e. weather forecasting) flooded the UN Secretary General and my office, as his assistant, with warnings that something basically wrong was going to happen to the world's climate. We convened the 1979 world conference because we believed that their warnings deserved attention. The conference predicted that around the year 2020 we will see changes in the ocean currents which would bring havoc to the climate of a number of regions. Well, we have already today the problems created by the NiƱo current. The US also reports that the last fifteen months had the highest temperatures in recorded history. But many articles say disparagingly that this is a pet-project of Vice President Al Gore who prefaced the first major, classic report of 1990 Climate in Crisis, by Albert K. Bates (The Book Publishing Co., Summertown, PO Box 99, TN 38483) which names some of the climatologists who sent us their warnings (Stephen Schneider is a name I remember because Schneider was my mother's name.)

Well, I am glad that at least one country on Earth has a vice presidency for global affairs. In a recent letter to Al Gore on the celebration of the year 2000 I mentioned to him that in my 2000 ideas I recommend the creation of the same vice presidency for global affairs in all countries on Earth. A draft treaty to prevent a further climate deterioration and increase in world temperatures is waiting for ratification by the US Congress which has its severest doubts about it. Of course because capitalism is not ready to accept such an obstacle in its ideology.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Peace is not only out there, but also in us, in the innermost depth of our soul. Individual peace therefore is the product of individual spirituality, as world peace is the product of world spirituality.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

The UN is really the organization of the down-trodden. It has no power, no riches, no warriors, no merchants on its side. It is the most noble attempt at world peace and justice ever in human history. Its power is essentially moral. Its survival and success therefore rest essentially in the hearts and support of the people. And it is those hearts and minds which the enemies of the UN are trying to poison. Beware, Oh people!


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