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Monday, December 12, 2005


[GMW #837] U Thant's Wishes For Humanity

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[GMW #837] U Thant's Wishes For Humanity
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Introduction to Ideas 3801 to 3900
Wishes for Humanity

I wish that people cease to hate and kill their fellow humans for
reasons of race, color, religion, nationalism or ideology;

I wish that more love, compassion and understanding guide the
management of human affairs;

I wish that nations enrich each other in the art of governing
in peace, justice and prosperity;

I wish that all nations unite to face with courage and
determination the unprecedented worldwide problems that lie
in store for humanity;

I wish that the immense progress achieved in science and
technology be equaled in the spheres of morality, justice and politics;

I wish that the world listen more attentively to the concerned
voice of youth'

I wish that the leaders of the great nations of our time surmount
their differences and unite their efforts for the benefits of all

U Thant
Secretary General of the UN
from 1961 to 1971

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Planet Of Hope, Religion & Spirituality

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My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

Everyone can be a diplomat, a peacemaker, an artisan of a better world, even children and senior citizens. I could give many examples. I myself am a retired one-dollar-a-year Chancellor of the University for Peace. A retired railroad man, Irving Sarnoff, has created an association of friends of the United Nations. Another friend, former Ambassador John McDonald, has created an Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, which includes peoples' diplomacy.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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