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Thursday, December 15, 2005


[GMW #840] Living Happily in the Past, Present and Future

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[GMW #840] Living Happily in the Past, Present and Future
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Planet Of Hope

One must try to become what the Hindus call a Trikaldarshi and a Trilokinath: one who lives happily in the past, in the present and in the future; one who lives on the ground, in the mind and in the heavens.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Any disharmonies or conflicts, be it in physics, biology, sociology or politics, can be removed by widening the conceptual framework. If the Earth and humanity are accepted as the new, wider fundamental conceptual frameworks, then all wars and conflicts will disappear.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

The media have an immense responsibility. If they so desired, the UN could be better known, understood and hence more effective for the good of all.
The best-selling authors and film-makers of the world should take an interest in the UN and have their novels' and films unfold in the UN and/or deal with subjects of major world concern. This would help educate the people and perform a vital social role.

Dear Robert, Barbara and all Good Morning World readers:

Our elder's Book Club has chosen "Most of All They Taught Me Happiness" The book club takes place every Saturday morning and it is very special because it is an intergenerational program where everyone is LISTENED TO. Meaning, two 14 years old and one 16 years old teenager also come to the meetings to help elders get ready and come to the library for our meeting. 8 elders; 94, 91, 87, 62, 89, 71, 82 and 97 years old, take this book club meeting very seriously and keep this appointment in their calendars looking forward to the next opportunity to meet with the kids and share their views and listen to theirs about Robert's meaningful message for a happy life.

Q = What do you like the most about the book?
A = Magdalene, 94 years old responded. I like to chapter about U Thant on page 122. I learned a lot about his spiritual life style, Buddhism and his vision fostering cooperation and understanding among all nations under the principle of non violence; and the principle of unity in diversity. I have meditated a lot about this last one "unity in diversity", it means a lot of things good for humanity. I also marked another of his phrases... "I empty myself of myself ... I must forget that I am Buddhist and open myself to all my visitors, every that come daily to my office and want to share something with me. I must listen to them with an open mind."

Emily, 87 years old commented; "I have always tried to be happy. I was a professional ballet dancer and my husband was a musician. I have regretted all my life that I am not more intelligent. I would have like to have the intelligence of Eistein, to think and speak like him."

A= Carol, a 14 year old girl responded to Emily; "I do not understand how you could be happy being someone else. What about if you are happy just being yourself. Einstein was not a ballet dancer, he might not have had your grace and artistic skills. Happiness is not about what we do not have but rather to be grateful, more appreciate of who we are and how unique and special our life is. Dr. Muller taught us in his book how to be happy with little but meaningful things. His love for Grethel, the black hen, the star in India... Dr. Muller was so proud of his father who happen to be a very talented hat maker and each hat was a work of art. I think Dr. Muller's message in his book is also about the meaning that we assigned to every circumstance and event in our lives and also about optimism."

At the end of our meeting I shared with all the participants Robert Muller's poem ... Decide to be happy.

I hope you have enjoyed our book club as much as I have.

to be continued... see you in our next meeting. Soon!
Peace be with you
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Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness
by Dr. Robert Muller

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