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Friday, December 16, 2005


[GMW #841] Basic Human Right Not to Enlist in a Miltary and to Kill Other Human Beings

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[GMW #841] Basic Human Right Not to Enlist in a Miltary and to Kill Other Human Beings
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Planet Of Hope

~ Idea 2050 ~
Western countries, especially the United States, have their mouths full of fundamental human rights and are ready to bomb other countries who do no fulfill such rights.

But we should claim, at the beginning of the 21st century and third millennium, the basic human right not to be enlisted in an army and to kill other human beings for national or religious causes .

Killing another human being is murder, but nations give medals and honors for it. It is high time to claim that new fundamental human right. Without it the human rights chapter of humanity is incomplete. Anyone being enlisted in an army and being trained to kill should have the right to come before the International Court of Justice and claim that this is the most flagrant injustice on this planet.

Conflicts must be solved by peaceful means and not with armaments, bombs, individual and wholesale murders.

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