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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


[GMW #844] Keeping Nature In Mind World's Great Minds Creating Political & Economic Systems That Work Well With Nature

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[GMW #844] Keeping Nature In Mind World's Great Minds Creating Political & Economic Systems That Work Well With Nature
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Ending War

~ Idea 3550 ~

The great minds in Washington who created the post-war world political and economic system were geniuses. Their strategy consisted of:

- the decolonization of the existing empires of the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal and Holland

- fundamental human rights as a basis for human society world-wide

- free enterprise to be the rule of the planet

- get rid of communism

- free trade must be gained through a General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade culminating in a World Trade Organization

- creation of an International Bank and International Monetary Fund ruled by Washington to issue money and loans well targeted around the world

- world economic growth to be fostered and financed everywhere through the creation of stock exchanges, their rescue when in deficit, forgiveness of debts, money injection

- use of tax surpluses resulting from all this to feed further economic growth

- overpopulation of the poor countries will provide one of the biggest markets in the world therefore do not oppose it

- deregulate everything to allow the supreme freedom of enterprise

- have people with money saved or inherited share in all this via stock markets, the banking system and speculation

All this to be working almost to perfection at the entrance of the 21st century and 3rd millennium and to work mainly to the profit of the US and other rich countries.

There is only one fundamental, unexpected trouble with it: the reckless destruction of the Earth and the non-consideration of the natural elements on which we live. This puts the whole system in jeopardy and mortal danger.

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My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 7

The people should never say: The UN is not good.

They should say: The UN is not good enough.

Dear Robert:

We have been receiving your wonderful daily messages for over three years.

You speak not only from your own heart but the hearts of many who are awakening to a better world.

I have dreamed of a peceful world for most of my 74 years and my wife for her 90. Even though I would not even play with toy soldiers in my youth I was forced to go to war in Korea. There I made a pact with God I would not kill and if He/She wanted me on the other side I would take the first bullet.

I was blessed with a war duty of ordering signal supplies for the front lines at night while I volunteered service teaching English at the Chosun Christian University during the days.

Thank you for giving us hope and inspiration as the world strives to rebuild itself in peace and service to others.

Charles Hinkley
Naomi Niles
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Susan Burger Morrisville (PA) May 2006 bring healing,love,and light to all our hearts. Then peace has no choice but to prevail!

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