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Thursday, December 22, 2005


[GMW #845] Nurturing Peace & Happiness of All Humanity - A measure of a nation's and a person's greatness

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[GMW #845] Nurturing Peace & Happiness of All Humanity - A measure of a nation's and a person's greatness
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Planet Of Hope

The countries of this world should not be judged by their power, their arms, and their wealth, but by the happiness of their people. What would be the point of developing the world to the standard of living existing today in the U.S. and Europe, if the people having finally reached that stage, would not be happier than are the Americans and Europeans of today?

One is great only through the cause one serves. And in our time the greatest cause can only be the peace and happiness of all humanity.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Every human person has the right to say what kind of world he or she wants to live in. That individual perception is the root, the foundation of world democracy. No nation has the right to deny it.
Beyond world federalism and world government we need first and foremost a world democracy, a government of this planet for the people by the people. But the problem is so colossal and unprecedented that few political thinkers consider it. They feel more at ease discussing the number of strength of nuclear missiles needed to protect specific national corals.
Nations are infallible. They are never wrong. Each one says what the other should do, not what it will do. At foreign service schools, their diplomats are taught to lie: never confess; always deny; praise the merit of your nation and diminish that of your adversary; negotiate from a ‘bargaining position’ and if you cannot do otherwise accept a ‘fall-back position,’ but never start with the truth.

It is high time to put an end to these unethical and primitive practices and for the people no longer to applaud them.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

The United Nations is trying to bring about this indispensable change in attitude. But the process is slow, so terribly slow, and time is getting so short.

Have you done something for the UN of late? Have you ever done anything for it? If not, don't expect miracles from the UN and for it to be the savior of humanity and the planet.

A recent interview from one of Good Morning World's subscribers:
Vicky Rossi interviews
Diana Basterfield & Eirwen Harbottle

Ministries for Peace

Vicky Rossi - TFF Peace Antenna

Vicky's conversations with peace leaders around the world are listed at her CV page here.

December 4, 2005

A People's Summit for Departments of Peace was held in London, October 18 & 19 2005, in the spirit of the United Nations General Assembly's Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace (A/RES/53/243 dated 13 September 1999) and its definition of a culture of peace as "a set of values, attitudes, modes of behaviour, and ways of life that reject violence and prevent conflicts by tackling their root causes to solve problems through dialogue and negotiation among individuals, groups, and nations" (A/RES/52/13). The purpose of the Summit was to strengthen and grow the international movement for a culture of peace and for government Departments of Peace and Ministries for Peace.

Vicky Rossi: Where does the concept of a Ministry/Department for Peace originate?
[More of the interview here]

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Nadine Luck Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Blessed are the Peacemakers! The World needs more of them! Thank you for your important and inspiring work.

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