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Friday, December 23, 2005


[GMW #846] Humankind Advancing With More & More Ideas and Dreams From People Changing The World For The Better

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[GMW #846] Humankind Advancing With More & More Ideas and Dreams From People Changing The World For The Better
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Religion & Spirituality

~ Idea 3974 ~

My writing so many ideas and dreams begins to have some effect: in her magazine Humankind Advancing, Erika Erdmann, the assistant of Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry, has opened a section of ideas and dreams inaugurating it with some of mine.

In Switzerland at the end of a conference on the United Nations and religions, the president of the conference had a box of little notebooks which he distributed to the audience, asking them to come up with ideas and dreams and to write them down, following my example. Several auditors asked for the floor immediately to tell their ideas.

May it become a world-wide movement of people participating in changing the world for the better. The benches of dreams are also making progress. After the conference a baker offered to donate ten such benches to the conference center and to the nearby convent of sisters.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Hope like love is a tremendous healing force. We must use it generously. Why not create also a science of hope, a hopeology and a World University of Hope.
There is no false hope. Any hope helps

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

Arriving in Geneva, I was once received by a group of young people who drove me to my hotel. They asked me:
"How is it that you look so young and seem so enthusiastic and optimistic?"

My answer to them:
"It is because I work for the United Nations where I see that humans can succeed and work together. Like an artisan, I am happy because there is so much to do. If you want to feel like me, take an interest in the UN."

I give this advice to all young people of the world as well as to the elderly. I have observed that people working for UN associations and non-governmental organizations' get very old because they always have so much to do and they love it.

Holiday message 2005
From Barbara & Robert

Dear Readers of Good Morning World,

We are deeply grateful to all the readers of Good Morning World and send you our best wishes for the Holidays and a very Happy New Year.

Our wish. Our hope for world peace in 2006 is getting closer.

We are all contributing to the Earth becoming Paradise Earth. When we were created together with all the animals and we evolved into small groups in many places on the Earth, creating many languages, religions and many wars, that was not the bigger picture. It is only recently that we began to appreciate each other, to learn from each other and think seriously about becoming a world wide community with human rights for all a priority!

The European Union with 25 borderless countries is incredible when I think of the changes of nationality my family had to suffer in three European wars!

Humanity is now slowly but surely becoming one loving family thanks to each of you.

Good Morning World is helping us to communicate and to become Paradise on Earth.

Thank you for being a faithful reader and a blessed human.

Love, Robert and Barbara Muller

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