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Sunday, December 25, 2005


[GMW #847] World Media Network To Education All World Inhabitants Giving Them Hope And Enlisting Their Help To Achieve A Better, Happier World

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[GMW #847] World Media Network To Education All World Inhabitants Giving Them Hope And Enlisting Their Help To Achieve A Better, Happier World
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~ Idea 411 ~ 25 August 1995

The world would be better off if instead of reading, hearing and watching bad news, horror stories and lots of violence served by so many newspapers, radio and TV stations, the children and people would hear and see programs of the United Nations and of their world agencies, educating them and enlisting them in the healing of the world and of humanity.

I propose the creation of a United Nations World Media Network to inform objectively and educate all world inhabitants, giving them hope and enlisting their help to achieve a better, happier world. The International Radio for Peace of the University for Peace is a great first example to follow.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
My same fascination applies to the Hindu notion of Trikolonat: the one who is able to live on three planes - the plane of his internal life, of his daily life and of the life above, the heavenly, cosmic, angelic, spiritual life. This again is a cosmic characteristic of the human species: we can aggrandize ourselves from our internal and daily life to the totality of the universe, to the infinitely large. Again, this can apply to any group including humanity. Humanity has an internal life, a current life and a spiritual, cosmic life dimension. My participation in these lives aggrandizes my own personal life greatly.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

The UN is a heroic organization: it tackles the most intractable problems of humanity: peace, justice, disarmament, human rights, racial equality, hunger, illiteracy, the environment, equality of the sexes, epidemics, drugs, violence, etc. As all heroes, it deserves at least some encouragement and love from the people.

namaste robert and barbara et al.....peace on EARTH GOODWILL toward all beings........we are all one...thank you both for the wonderful peace message. I offer this namaste to all and the love of all life.....peace is possible now.....In the US News & World Report this week they offer 50 ways to improve your body mind and spirit in of the suggestions is to study Chinese.....I began my study of Mandarin 10 weeks I have successfully passed chinese 101 and am on to 102 in was nice to get a confirmation from such a strange source........blessings in 2006 silver eagle
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