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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


[GMW #848] World Conference on Death - Human & All Species

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[GMW #848] World Conference on Death - Human & All Species
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~ Idea 6012 ~

I recommend to UNESCO and to Mrs. Bruntland, the head of the World Health Organization, to plan a World Conference on Death, not only human deaths, but the deaths of all species. Regarding humans, there would be a large number of subjects, for example the number of deaths each year in the world and by countries, the longevity, mortality and the disposal practices of countries burying or burning the bodies, etc. For example, in 2000 50.5 million persons died in the world, 1.2 million died for lack of water.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
We have at least come to the point when most people no longer want war. Conflict, violence and wars are becoming immoral, despicable and out of fashion. No glory derives from them anymore. But there are still very powerful people who no longer want war but who do not want peace either, because it would cause them prejudice. They might even provoke conflicts to prove that peace is against human nature. Some businessmen, the military and fanatic ideologists are in this category.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

It is simplistic to condemn the UN for all of the evils on Earth when it is the weakest, most powerless political organization ever devised by humans.

Letter from Elisa - Good Morning World Portuguese Translator visiting the USA from Brazil

I"m gratefull to be here, to have the chance to meet some of you, to be in contact in that special week for me and many world servers and to extend all Brazilian happiness to all your families and beautifull country!
Thanks to people like you, our planet will, for sure, be a better way at each step!
May the " power of one Life " and the " love of one Soul " work throuht us.
Better not extend to much, due to my English ... (See me always smiling)
A BIG HUG to all!!!!
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