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Monday, January 02, 2006


[GMW #853] What Good Will I Do Today? Inspirational Lives Of Elevation & Hope For All Of Humanity

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[GMW #853] What Good Will I Do Today? Inspirational Lives Of Elevation & Hope For All Of Humanity
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~ Idea 3031 ~

I always dreamt that St. Francis and St. Claire would be declared saints of the United Nations. I recommended it to Pope John Paul II. At least I obtained the following blessing for the UN University for Peace:

The Franciscans International decided to erect a beautiful prayer place and bust of the saint in the gardens of the University for Peace. The event was in honor of the common ideals of St. Francis and of the University: peace, love for God's nature and simple and frugal lives, not to tax unduly our Mother Earth.

On 11 March 2000 the Franciscans held a celebration and a Mass for the bimillennium at that shrine. It happened to be also my birthday, the reaching of the age of seventy-seven. At that ceremony I expressed these dreams:

- that in this new millennium every country will celebrate a saint, a nobel woman or man who left behind a great inspirational model of life and a message of elevation and hope for all humanity;

- that in many places on Earth church bells, gongs and muezzins will announce again everyday the resurrection of light and day;

- that radio and television programs around the world will start each day with a sacred song e.g. the Ave Maria by Gounod or the Ode to Joy by Beethoven, as thanks to God for the miracle of life;

- that all humans, be they heads of states, artists, religious leaders, business people, educators, scientists, fathers and mothers will ask themselves the question: what good will I do today?


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Robert's Golden Sayings
With retirement I disappear from a given structure: a business, an administration, an institution, in which I had a role, a power, an influence, an activity. In retirement I can seek other structures: a new activity, clubs, associations, teaching, humanitarian causes. In my retirement, I seek to integrate myself into the vastest structure of all: the world, humanity, the universe, time, and to do good.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 6

What would the UN be without governments? - An empty shell.

What would governments be without people? - Empty shells.

Therefore, in whose hands lies the fate of the UN? - In the hands of the people.

This is why the Charter starts with the words:

'We, the Peoples...

What a gift to receive this essay today! I love Coue's challenge to become "the happiest person on earth," and hope that all of your readers will choose this for themselves in 2006. I look forward to trying!

Karen Page,
New York, NY

I have been away over the holidays and am just catching up on my emails. This message (from 12/21) - [GMW #845] Nurturing Peace & Happiness of All Humanity - A measure of a nation's and a person's greatness - relates directly to an article I just read in an online newsletter about the kingdom of Bhutan, and how they judge their country's gross national product not by economics, but by the happiness of their people. To read more about it, visit and click on the second article, "A New Way to Measure Human Progress."

Happy New Year!
Susan Hunt
Dearest Barbara and Robere',

Happy New 2006 to you and all!

Tommy and I so enjoy ODE magazine and just read about "the happiest man in
the world"!! Congratulations on the beautiful write-up and on the
continuing recognition that is coming your way. I sent a couple of emails
and a letter to you over the past two years since leaving WISDOM MEDIA
Group, wanting to keep up with your ongoing work for peace. May this note
greet you at a time of expansion and continuing success with your work.

I continue with the radio show on LIME Radio (Life Balance Media recently
bought WISDOM), Sirius Satellite Radio channel 114.

You and your family are in our hearts and prayers. Let us know how we can
support your efforts.

Blessings and love,


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