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Monday, January 09, 2006


[GMW #858] New Forms of Armaments That May Endanger Peaceful Countries To Be Considered Criminal Actions

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[GMW #858] New Forms of Armaments That May Endanger Peaceful Countries To Be Considered Criminal Actions
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~ Idea 3022 ~

It is reported that the militaries of certain nations are testing new secret weapons which would damage or destroy the environment of other nations, e.g. beams to the ozonosphere to create holes in it above an enemy nation thus letting infra-red rays go through and create cancers. Several others are being developed in this new field of environmental weaponry. I recommend:

1. That this subject be urgently placed on the agenda of the United Nations.

2. That the United Nations create an inter-governmental committee and a Secretariat Unit in charge of reporting on all facets of this new form of armaments and taking proper action against them.

3. That these new forms of armaments which may endanger and damage peaceful countries and the entire Earth be brought as criminal actions before a greatly strengthened International Court of Justice or a special new World Court of Justice against armaments and military crimes.

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I wish the world would cover itself again with fruit trees for the happiness of little children. Every child on Earth should have the pleasure of touching and picking live fruits from a tree.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Ch 8 - The UN and Planetary Democratic

I once asked my son Francois what grade he would give humanity for the way our planet was being managed.

He answered; "I would give humans a triple "D": Dumb, Dangerous and Disastrous".

This encouraged me to express a similar view in a preface I wrote for the book "Planethood" by Ken Keyes and Ben Ferencz. This book raises, in effect, the following fundamental question:

"What would be the fate of the United States if each of its fifty states were sovereign, possessed an army, a President, a Supreme Court, a State Department, a CIA, a national hymn, a national flag, national days, and the exclusive power to levy taxes on its citizens? What if the United States government were no more than a United Nations without sovereignty, without legislative, executive, judicial, and fiscal powers, unable to make decisions and laws, but only recommendations and exhortations? You would exclaim: 'What an indescribable mess it would be!' Well, this is exactly the state of your planet torn up into 175 pieces!"'

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