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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


[GMW #869] Everything Done By Humans Must Be Rethought, Including Individual Life and Behavior

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[GMW #869] Everything Done By Humans Must Be Rethought, Including Individual Life and Behavior
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~ Idea 6087 ~

World statistics should be published by the United Nations on the total surfaces of the Earth being increasingly covered by housing, roads, airports, factories, etc. The result would be very worrisome.

Almost everything which is being done by humans these days on this planet must be rethought, including individual life and behavior.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
It is a mistake to leave to business the monopoly of the word ‘multinationals’ Many other multinational phenomena are growing no less rapidly in the world, e.g. multinational associations, organizations, movements, religions, unions, professions, even families. It is surprising that business has not gone a step further and tried to monopolize the word ‘planetary’.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 8

Increacing diversity is the rule of the universe. No two human beings, animals, insects or plants will ever be exactly the same in the entire universe and stream of time. Yet all atoms, cells, insects, plants, animals and human beings are parts of vast families of basically similar structures, characteristices and functions. Unity in diversity must be the central rule of a planetary society if we do not wish to run counter to biological evolution.

Thank you Robert for the gift of love that you are to humanity.

I really enjoyed the article about you in Ode, Magazine
You are beautiful!!

Jim and Dawn

P.s. we are interested in takeing a trip to Costa Rica.

RE: [GMW #868] Total Demilitarization & Disarmament of this Planet
Dear Friends

Please correct the following error.

"The Argentineans prayed God in their cathedral for victory in the Maldive Islands."

I read your messages every day, and they are inspiring. But please get the geography straight!! The Maldives are off the coast of India. The Argentines prayed about the Malvinas islands.

Sorry to nitpick, but it is important!!

Thanks, and keep up the good work

Matt Tuoni, teacher, Robert Muller LIFE School, Panajachel, Guatemala
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I already saw the 3 websites and I wanted to say they are very nice, you did a good work with them!
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