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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


[GMW #888] Fair Geographic Distribution Of Global Agencies & Other World Entities

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[GMW #888] Fair Geographic Distribution Of Global Agencies & Other World Entities
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Ending War

~ Idea 1332 ~ 4 March 1998

The seat of the League of Nations was located in Switzerland because it is a "neutral" country. For the same reason it was selected as the seat of the International Labour Organization, the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the World Meteorological Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, and GATT. It became also the seat of numerous international non-governmental organizations accredited to these organizations.

The US was selected as the seat of the United Nations to avoid that the absence of the US from the UN would lead to the disastrous situation of the League of Nations which was incapable to stop nazism and fascism, leading to World War II.

Today the situation is entirely different. Prime Minister Chou En Lai pointed out to us when Secretary General Waldheim and I visited him after the reentry of China into the UN that all the world agencies are located in the West, not a single one in vast Asia which has two-thirds of the world's population. He complained bitterly about it, "Not even the Security Council would have the decency of holding once a session in Asia." To introduce a correction in that situation, China decided to use their veto to make sure that at least the position of Secretary General would rotate on a regional basis, which is now the case.

To top it all, Switzerland is not even a member of the United Nations, only an observer, and cashes in the substantial resources spent by all these agencies on its land, and the US refuses to pay its contributions to the UN budget, cashing in on the local expenses of the UN and of 185 national delegations in New York.

This scandalous, unjust situation should be revised thoroughly as we enter a new century and millennium. The General Assembly of the UN should inscribe it on its agenda, and a World Commission of Eminent Personalities on the Geographic Location of World Agencies should be created.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
After losing centuries of time with the infallibility of religions, how much time will we now lose with the infallibility of nations?
God gave me as a function to fight for the underdog. And the two most mistreated underdogs I could find in my lifetime were planet Earth and the human family.
The preservation of the Earth and the safety and happiness of humanity must have priority over any nation, any ideology, any system and any religion.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 8

Human history is paved with prejudices. At one point there were good slaves and bad slaves; but slavery was good. The pronouncements of St. Thomas of Aquinas and St Augustine on the inferiority of woman are appalling in today's world.

The question is now: what are our current prejudices which we accept and do not dare to challenge and which will look like horrors in times to come? These include the infallibility of religion, the sovereignty of nations, the "reason of state" which allows nations to kill humans and to maintain horrendous armaments and armies. There are many others.

It is the role of the UN to uncover, denounce and fight these prejudices.

Useful Websites With Reciprical Links to Robert's Websites
Please send suggestions for additional links, especially reciprical links. The two receipricol links there now are:
Good News Agency
Good News Agency carries positive and constructive news from all over the world relating to voluntary work, the work of the United Nations, non governmental organizations, and institutions engaged in improving the quality of life; news that doesn't "burn out" in the space of a day.


Pathways To Peace
Pathways To Peace (PTP) is an international PeaceBuilding, Educational and Consulting organization. The mission of Pathways To Peace is threefold:

  • to expand the comprehension and substantive expression of "PEACE" and PeaceBuilding practices at all levels;
  • to build Cultures of Peace by uniting and enhancing the strengths of existing organizations and programs along eight paths to Peace;
  • to contribute, through consultation and direct participation, to the evolving mission of the United Nations and to citizens' worldwide participation in the International Day of Peace.


Happiness is a

The United Nations’ legendary Robert Muller maintains with the Dalai Lama that happiness is the purpose of life. With the
re-release of Muller’s 1978 classic Most of All They Taught Me Happiness, he and his wife Barbara Gaughen Muller are
committed to teaching “why happiness works,” how it’s a choice, and that being happy is actually proof that you are
living your code of destiny.

Learn how DECIDING to be happy even in the most difficult situations contributes to the health and well-being of ourselves, each other and the entire planet.

Dr. Robert Muller &
Barbara Gaughen Muller

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