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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


[GMW #892] Annual Report On Expenditures for the Earth & Nature vs Armaments for each Nation

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[GMW #892] Annual Report On Expenditures for the Earth & Nature vs Armaments for each Nation
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Every year all governments should be required to submit to the United Nations General Assembly figures of their armaments expenditures and expenditures for the Earth and nature preservation.

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Art is spirituality. Art is thought. Art is imagination. Art is feeling. Art is action. Art is the highest expression of life, of being. Art and life must be one.
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My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 8

"The United Nations is something that the Creator, the author of all good, at every moment cherishes. No human force will ever be able to destroy the United Nations, for the United Nations is not a mere building or a mere idea; it is not a man made creation.

The United Nations is the vision light of the Absolute Supreme, which is slowly, steadily and unerringly illumining the ignorance, the night of our human life. The divine success and supreme progress of the United Nations is bound to become a reality. At his choice hour, the Absolute Supreme will ring His own victory bell here on Earth through the loving and serving heart of the United Nations."

- Sri Chinmoy, Director of the UN Meditation Group

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A Woman Secretary General
>From Robert:

Cleo Nickelsen has sent me the following text by Al Gore. Please publish it in a Good Morning World.

This year a new UN secretary General will be selected by the five big powers of the Security Council. Kofi Annan ends his term at the end of December. Since during its existence of 60 years, the UN has only male Secretaries General.

I hope that a woman will at long last become a Secretary General. The USA should be a leader in such an election.

Very Warmly, Robert

"One problem is the dominance of a distinctively male way of defining the global agenda...and a disconcerting insistence upon ignoring not only the contributions of women but the distinctively female way of experiencing the world, of thinking about the world, of defining the challenges and discovering the solutions for those challenges.

We have, in short, concentrated on manhandling the environment....

Our survival as a species depends upon the establishment of a greater balance between the two ways of experiencing our world that coexist as part of the human experience."

--Senator Al Gore addressing Parliamentarians for Global Action, March 23, 1992.

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Learn how DECIDING to be happy even in the most difficult situations contributes to the health and well-being of ourselves, each other and the entire planet.

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