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Thursday, March 30, 2006


[GMW #915] Make Your Search In Total: Universe, Time, Earth & Human Family

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[GMW #915] Make Your Search In Total: Universe, Time, Earth & Human Family
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Planet Of Hope

I would advise every searching human being to place their search and to search their place within four general frameworks:
the total universe
total time
the total Earth
the total human family.

Daily Idea Dream Topics: Peace, Idea Dreams 6001-6500, Ending War,
Planet Of Hope, Religion & Spirituality

Robert's Golden Sayings
I will work for peace until my last breath, because it is the key issue, the priority of my time, on which the future depends.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 9

We stress the importance of respecting all spiritual and cultural traditions. We stand for preservation of the habitats and life style of indigenous people and urge restraint from disrupting their community with nature.

The World Community must act speedily with vision and resolution to preserve the Earth, Nature and humanity from disaster. The time to act is now. Now or never.

Re: "Power is vainglorious, but it is my freedom and the freedom of every person on Earth not to admire it, for that admiration precisely continues to feed power and to make it want endlessly more."

Dear Dr. Muller,

I am writing in response to what you have said about the admiration of power.

The brain development is guided by neural activity which in turn is guided by experience. Experience in the first few years of life wires into the child's brain the neuro-chemical foundations for interpreting and reacting to the surrounding environment that can be extremely difficult, sometimes impossible, to change later in life.

Because of intensive training received in early childhood the tendency to submit to power is very strong in many people. It become, in fact, a part of their nature.

All around the world young children, instead of being taught mutual respect, are being trained to submit to the authority (power) of their parents, teachers, etc.

That training, very often enforced by the use of violence and even abuse, alters brain structures of children. The child's brain is wired to anticipate danger, to be distrustful, to accept that might is right no matter what. Violent demands that can be summarized "do what I say, don't do what I do" create confusion and give birth to hypocrisy. If the damage continues, as it often does, the pathological brain structure distorts further the child's experiences, increasing their negativity.

(For more information on violence against children see World Health Organization World Report on Violence and Health, ch.3 "Child Abuse and Neglect by Parents and other Caregivers")

If we want a new world we have to start with changing the ways of treating children. Everything else will follow.

By introducing the Convention on the Rights of the Child the UN made an extremely important step towards new and better world for all. Now it is time to press the governments to implement the convention, and for two countries: the US and Somalia to ratify it first.

Article 19 of the Convention calls for abolishment of all forms of physical or mental violence by parents and other persons who have the care of the child.

Here in Canada, since 2004 hitting children "for correction" on the head, hitting with objects, hitting children under the age of two and above the age of twelve is no longer justified under the law.

Most parents use violence not because they are evil. They simply don’t know how to be parents.

Education on parenting without violence should be the most important part of curriculum in grades eleven and twelve all around the world.

Unfortunately, that may be difficult to implement since it is not in the best interests of many national governments. They need citizens who will be willing to follow the strongest, to fight for their interests, not to think on their own, believe in what they are told and never ask questions.


Dana Sokolowska

Poets of the World


A poet of the World, the time has come to join together in unity to stand up for life’s continuity. We are the Warriors for Peace and the messengers of a new phase for Humanity. We are Poets of the Light which propels us to this summons which we should, under no circumstances, fail to heed. We presently live through the death pangs of a state of decay and are challenged to the birth of a NEW ERA where a poet has a unique role to play

These are decisive times for humanity’s survival: it either keeps on along the precipitous path towards extinction or steers its rudder and sense of direction in course with collective efforts to surmount the hardships and insure long term survival.

Since the most remote times that one can recall humanity’s existence has had to coexist hand in hand with the environmental midst that insures and keeps insuring that life goes on. Paradoxically, at the same time, humanity’s eagerness to get more and more, to grow and develop, has deteriorated the planet as a whole reaching limits where survival as a species is at risk. If humanity does not change course !Now! future generations will have solid reasons to deeply resent us.

On the other hand, within this same context, given that humanity is always desiring to be able to acquire more, not only the material resources of the planet are used to grow and subsist but also the human resources, in this way being driven to a merciless competition between human beings that constitute the main driving force amongst us. This, to such an extent, that we are killing each other to merely exist or to simply affirm! I am! this or I am that, nevertheless ! I am! or I am more than you are… Just as we deteriorate the planet’s life systems by abusively wasting material and human resources we build mass destruction weapons that threaten to destroy humanity in a brief period of time. The supremacy of political and economic power is always concentrated on the same hands, it is what we recognize today as the rule of Empire [s].

Not everything is negative. The present moral chaos, the ethical chaos, the political chaos resulting in wars and the economic chaos are nothing but a demonstration of History’s labor pangs like those of a woman who gives birth to a new born, similar to when a phase dies, and gives birth to another that rises out of her womb


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