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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


[GMW #918] Putting An End To Misery On Earth

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[GMW #918] Putting An End To Misery On Earth
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Idea 6026
Henceforth we can no longer ignore the total sum of misery which exists on Earth. Humans must also learn what the human soul can undertake to put an end to that misery.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Our epoch is one of confrontation between beliefs from the past and new requirements of the future. These frictions must be transformed into something positive, into a learning process and unprecedented, right adaptation of our species to evolution. That is what God and the cosmos expect from us.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 9

And God saw that humans were loving the whole Creation, the stars and the sun, the day and the night, the air and the oceans, the earth and the waters, the fishes and the fowl, the flowers and the herbs, and all their human brethren and sisters.

And God said: that is good. And it was the third day of the Happy Planet.

Dear Barbara and Robert:

Many blessings to you. I would like to say to you and to Robert - people, wherever I go, want to listen more and more about Robert, his dreams, message and beautiful words.

Please meet Jean, a 98 1/2 (as she says) y.o. wonderful elder that comes to one of my exercise classes. Jean is showing in these photos, to everyone, how after 9 weeks coming to my exercise class, she can bent over and tied up her shoes. Jean was not able to sit or stand up on her own without the help of two caregivers. Now she is able to get up in the morning with no help and the caregivers usually find her in the shower, all by herself, etc.

Jean is amazing as many other elders that come to some of my programs and talks. I am not longer surprise of the elders I work with in the book club or exercises, etc. that are 99 + y.o. I say this to Robert and I say to him that he CAN NOT RETIRE yet! He is toooo young, and people - regular people - want to listen to his words and beautiful mind. Today more than ever we need him. So Robert, decide to be a joyful elder and keep on going...

Here is a photo collage of a recent elder exercise class:

Below is Jean who is 98 years and 1/2, with her shoes off, showing everyone ... how to do it!

Blessings and much love to Barbara and Robert

Peace be with you!

Kathy J. Ward

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