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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


[GMW #924] Exciting Work To Do - Eliminating Wars, Injustices, Violence, Poverty, Creating Joy and Happiness for Everyone

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[GMW #924] Exciting Work To Do - Eliminating Wars, Injustices, Violence, Poverty, Creating Joy and Happiness for Everyone
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~ Idea 1395 ~ 6 May 1998

How can we not be excited to live at a time when there remain still so many exciting things to do and problems to be solved on this magnificent planet:
eliminate all wars
eliminate all injustices
eliminate all violence
eliminate all poverty
eliminate all unnecessary destruction of nature
etc. etc.

to create joy and happiness for all humans
to love and be excited by all other living species
to increase everywhere the beauty of our planet
to make it a true paradise for our descendants.

We should draw up a genial agenda of ideals and ideas for the new century. How exciting this would be! If I were the Secretary General, I would draw up such an agenda with the input of all UN agencies and offer it to the community of nations for adoption by the UN General Assembly 2000. If not, the People's Assembly could do it.

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Planet Of Hope, Religion & Spirituality

Robert's Golden Sayings
Someday humans will realize that the United Nations is one of the greatest biological phenomena of all times, a true turning point in our planet’s and human evolution.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 9

The Ten Commandments to all
Groups and Institutions

1. You shall practice truth, tolerance, and respect towards each other.

2. You shall live in unity and diversity, cooperate with each other, and shall not subvert each other.

3. You shall harmonize your actions and interests with the supreme interests of our planet and of the human family.

4. You shall not produce, trade, possess, or use any arms.

5. You shall not practice violence, neither physical, verbal nor mental, and shall resolve your differences peacefully.

6. You shall never require killing, violence, or unethical behavior from your members.

7. You shall respect the United Nations Charter and the unanimous rules, recommendations, and codes of conduct and ethics agreed to by humanity universally.

8. You shall adopt internal laws and rules of ethics in accord with the supreme interests of our planet and of humanity.

9. You shall protect the sacred rights of the human person, and obey the universal human rights injunctions of the United Nations.

10. You shall ensure the internal peace, love, and happiness of your members, and live in harmony with our planet, with all humanity and with the God of the universe.

Live in the present.
Do the things that need to be done.
Do all the good you can each day.
The future will unfold.

Peace Pilgrim

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A Benefit for Sonneblauma Danscz Theatre

Frank Kelly & Douglas Gillies present Robert Muller & Barbara Gaughen-Muller
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April 14th, 2006 8:00 pm.
Company Member Stephen Kelly - piano
Carol Ann Manzi - soprano
& Ray Tischer - viola and violin

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