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Monday, April 17, 2006


[GMW #927] World Prizes To Recompense Advances In Peace and World Cooperation

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[GMW #927] World Prizes To Recompense Advances In Peace and World Cooperation
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~ Idea 1920 ~

I recommend that the Earth Council, the new body created by the Rio de Janeiro Conference on the Environment should give every year a number of great prizes to people and institutions who have done something very remarkable to preserve the environment, to beautify the Earth, or who have come up with remarkable, impactful, successful new ideas. They should be tantamount to Nobel Prizes for Peace with the Earth.

More generally: why don't the 185 governments of the United Nations create substantial world prizes to recompense major advances in peace and world cooperation? A small contribution of 100,000 dollars a year per nation would represent a total of 18.5 million dollars for United Nations Prizes. They could be a major instrument for world progress in many fields such as peace, human rights, the environment, etc. I suggest that the Secretary General or a member government inscribe the subject of World Prizes on the agenda of the General Assembly 2000.

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Dear Robert,

I first met you in 1986 when you spoke at the first John Denver/Tom Crum sponsored "Choices of the Future Symposium" at Snow Mass, CO. You inspired me then and you inspire me now, twenty years later. I think you might enjoy the lyrics to a song I wrote in 1985. I believe we are on the same cosmic wave length!

Wishing you and Barbara love, peace, joy, and hope.....Breeze


I choose joy every minute of every hour.
I choose joy every hour of every day.
I choose joy and it gives me greater power
to live my life is a peaceful loving way.

I choose joy in sunshine and in rain.
I choose joy with loss as well as gain.
I choose joy even when in pain!
I choose joy when it seems insane!

Joy is all I want, all I desire.
Joy's an energy that doesn't tire.
Joy's a flame that sets my soul on fire.
Joy makes my heart leap higher and higher.

I choose joy when problems surround me.
I choose joy when the answers confound me.
I choose joyous people all around me.
I choose joy, knowing I have found me.

I choose joy, always all around me!

C Breeze Bryson 1985
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