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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


[GMW #938] From the Mountain Top Extending Peace to the Entire World

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[GMW #938] From the Mountain Top Extending Peace to the Entire World
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~ Idea 6297 ~

Happy the human who in the valley of a beautiful tropical country can see a mountain which belongs to him and to his descendents. That is my case, who purchased a mountain years ago when nobody wanted it and I was begged to buy it. Mt. Rasur is the name of the God of the indigenous children who appeared to them and told them to defend the magnificent nature of this mountain and that from it one day peace will extend to the entire world. This is where the UN University for Peace was created and where I was meant to spend the last years of my life helping the prophecy to become true.

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My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 9

Officials who deal with the UN budget in Washington call it "petty cash". That is exactly what it is. And with this grotesque petty cash, the UN is expected to solve all the world's problems from war to terrorism, from drug abuse to the environment, from human rights to racial equality and what have you not.

Please help Joeseph Eger, Music Director of the Symphony for Unitied Nations contact Neil Young. Josephs book 'Einstein's Violin' sings with his passion, "More than half a century ago, I came to the tentative conclusion that the universe is made of music."

Subject: Re: [BWN] To Never Kill Again - Neil Young - Remember Peace - Don't Need No More Lies
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 11:06:41 -0400

Please pass along my deepest, most heartfelt thanks to Neil Young for his great music and even greater socio/political/ leadership and soul.

I'm Music Director of the Symphony for United Nations ( and recent author of the Penguin book: "EINSTEIN'S VIOLIN: A Conductor's Notes on Music, Physics and Social Change."

I have an idea for a creative collaboration between Beethoven and Mr. Young. To whom should I talk?

Warm good wishes to your and his team.

Joseph Eger,, 954 782 9703 3240 N.E.11th St., Ste 205, Pompano Beach FL 33062


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Subject: [BWN] To Never Kill Again - Neil Young - Remember Peace - Don't Need No More Lies

Neil Young's latest album:

Some of the lyrics of the first track of the album:

and when the night falls, I pray for PEACE...
Try to remember PEACE (visualize)...

I join the multitudes...
I raise my hand in PEACE
I never bow to the laws of the thought police
I take a holy vow...
To never to kill again..
To never kill again...

I'm LIVING WITH WAR in my ear
I'm LIVING WITH WAR in my heart and my mind...
I'm LIVING WITH WAR right now...

Don't take no tidal wave...
Dont take no mass grave...
Don't take no smokin' gun....
To show how the west was won....
But when the curtain falls,
I pray for PEACE....
Try to remember PEACE (visualize).......

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