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Friday, May 12, 2006


[GMW #946] Educate For Peace In All Schools - End Nationalized Hatred, Hyper-patriotism, Readiness for Violence for an Ethnic Group, Religion or Natio

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[GMW #946] Educate For Peace In All Schools - End Nationalized Hatred, Hyper-patriotism, Readiness for Violence for an Ethnic Group, Religion or Nation
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~ Idea 2314 ~
A man of a group of Elderhostels visiting the University for Peace asked me this question: "How come that we still have so many ethnic wars of hatred like the one in Yugoslavia?"

I answered: "It is because they have not been educated in peace but in hatred, hyper-patriotism, pledges of allegiance and readiness to go to war for their ethnic group, religion or nation. This is what national education does in practically all countries of the world. This is why the UN University for Peace is so important and should be well supported by UN member countries and not ignored by them as is the case now. Only 34 countries of the 189 member countries of the UN have ratified its statutes and only three have given it any resources. The United States government was the first to oppose it followed by most western countries."


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Robert's Golden Sayings
What an incredible conjunction of circumstances it took to bring me to my present position in the United Nations, to store in me the necessary world knowledge and to arouse in me ideas, proposals, ideals and inspirations to share with my human brothers and sisters.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 9

Throughout history, great wise people of all cultures have defined and proclaimed the fundamental values which should guide humans on this planet: love, truth, peace, happiness, kindness, understanding, altruism, service, cooperation, gratitude, etc. They derived their teachings from a deep understanding of the laws of the cosmos, from a mystical relation with the universe. Some considered themselves to be messengers or spokespeople of the universe or God.

Today, these same values are being affirmed, defined, advocated, promoted and progressively implemented by the first universal political organization in human history: the United Nations. This is a great momentous event in the evolution of the human race.

You therefore help the UN and the birth of a new civilization when you adopt these values in your own life and behavior and radiate them around you. You the people are the most important members and helpers of the UN.

"I believe without a shadow of doubt that science and peace will finally triumph over ignorance and war, and that the nations of the Earth will ultimately agree not to destroy, but to build up." - Louis Pasteur

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