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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


[GMW #988] Hope for Mother Earth Requires Better Thinking & Adopting Better Values

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[GMW #988] Hope for Mother Earth Requires Better Thinking & Adopting Better Values
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Idea Dream

~ Idea 6222 ~
Mother Earth:
“Dear Robert, I am sure that the vast majority of Americans who have shares consult the newspapers every morning to see if their shares have gone up. They rejoice when the economy is ‘improving’ and reaching record highs. Few of them realize that this so-called ‘progress’ of building, producing more, buying more, traveling more, driving more, etc. means in reality my destruction, my deterioration, my sickness. How can intelligent people be so blind?”

Well, at the UN’s first World Environment Conference in 1972 in Stockholm we achieved some progress for less buying, having less children and being concerned more with the quality loss of the prime gifts to humans, namely air and water.

The money makers and ‘growth intoxicated’ found numerous new ways of fouling the environmental progress. And in universities they prepare, in skyscrapers they receive and in the capitals they welcome these agents, so-called actors of progress.

Mother Earth:
“So there is no hope for me.”

Yes, there is one, namely catastrophes. But it has to become much worse until there is a different thinking and different values will be adopted.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
I have no absolute right to my wealth; it comes from my ancestors, my parents and from the billions of people who have worked before me to learn, to develop, to create the foundations and wealth of this planet. It is my turn to contribute to the progress of humanity. I will be grateful for anything I am paid in return.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 9

Write down the thoughts that come to you, wherever you are, in your office, in a meeting, in a bus, in a plane, at home, during the day or the night. Remember the Latin advice: Nul/us dies, sine linea. Not a day without a line.

Dear Amis,
I have the honor, to inform you of the organization in Paris from 19 to September 23, 2007 of the first festival of the poets of the world on the topic of peace.
Our capital so rich in culture is the place chosen for this bold company which one owes with the engagement of a poet: Yvan TETELBOM, organizer of association “poets in Paris”.
This festival, dice its decision, was sponsored by “Poets of the world” and its founder: Shine ARIAS MANZO.
Recently, Mr Maurus YOUNG, secretary-general of the world Academy of the culture and arts and the world congress of the poets, gave his support for this initiative.
For my part, like poet and writer, I will take part in this festival.Celles and those which know my engagement for peace since many years, will include/understand the reasons of my engagement to the service of the success of this demonstration.
Yvan TETELBOM, has put in practice what wrote Victor HUGO, when it indicated that “those which fight, it is those which live”. It conceived a program of which you will find herewith, the presentation. You will discover the aspect creative and diversified of this canned which, we hope for it, will be supplemented by a reception of poets of the world by representatives of the State in a symbolic system place of the national representation.
Whereas the capacities of the money, of the individual success by all the means, became the dominant criteria of too many individuals, the poets remain an important vector of humanistic engagement, for the créatiion of values: to perpetuate the emotions, to fight the injustices, to promote solidarity, magnifier symbiosis with nature, to develop the woman: “Future of the man”, to support the combat for peace and the dialog between civilizations.
If Yvan had a dream like celebrates it Pasteur Martin LUTHER - KING, it into practice put it within the meaning of an active production of reality expensive at Rene TANK.
Can one consider a more beautiful prospect, than that to bring together poets of the 5 continents on the topic of peace?
Whereas poetry (as if it did not have anything any more to say to us) is ignored or marginalized by many media and institutions, to join together, like wrote the poet Louis ARAGON “those which believe in the sky and those which do not believe in it “with such a prospect is a major act of our time.
For inscription information contact:
French poet and writer
Member of the Steering Committee of this first world festival of the poets for peace
Messenger of the peace of the proclamation 2000 of UNESCO
Universal ambassador of peace
prize winner of the European Academy of arts
Honorary doctor of the world Academy of the culture and arts

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