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Monday, September 25, 2006


GMW #1047] Each Year's International Day Of Peace Singing "Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me."

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[GMW #1047] Each Year's International Day Of Peace Singing "Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me."
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Idea Dream

~ Idea 6136 ~

Dear God,
Please help me fulfill my dream: that each year in September on International Day of Peace, when the UN General Assembly opens with a minute of prayer or meditation, all peoples of the Earth will pray with their delegates for the advent of peace, justice and happiness on our beautiful planet.

All the temples to God would ring their bells, their gongs, their cymbals, their chofars and sing the world song “Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me.”

[See this years Proclamations of Peace here: ]

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Happiness dispels unhappiness as light dispels obscurity.

Therefore, switch on the happiest currents you can find in yourself.

First you have to believe in happiness and then you will find it.

It is first and foremost a question of faith.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 4

It would be good to publish statistics on what national health departments spend and what the World Health Organization spends, and to do the same for all UN agencies and world programs. The results would be staggering. They would reveal how little is being done for the planet and for humanity, and how much for its subdivisions and subordinate entities. Politicians should have sleepless nights. No wonder that the world is in such a mess. We are the most distorted and misguided budgeted planet in the universe.

I Love Happiness

>From Barbara:

We were signing Most of All They Taught ME Happiness books in the new RAIN Cybernet Cafe in Solvang CA yesterday afternoon when two ladies came in looking for the coffee shop next door and I said, "since you are here, what do you want to learn about computers?" Catherine, the daughter started talking to Sylvia and Timothy Tyndall and I took her 94 year old mother to meet Robert Muller and mentioned he was in the United Nations.

Immediately she replied, "I just finished a book on Happiness by a former United Nations author, I love happiness."

"Was it Most of All They Taught ME Happiness and if so come meet the author" ..She got so excited, she almost dropped her cane and at 94 one must be a little cautious, but she just couldn't believe it, couldn't stop her excitement and practically ran to Robert...

She had read a copy of this book from 1978 and reads it all the time and when I asked her why she replied "I believe in Happiness"..Robert and she hugged and laughed and held hands for 5 minutes while looking at both the new edition of Happiness and the photographs in Prophet, the Hatmakers Son, his biography by Douglas Gillies.

We will soon be visiting Laura in her home as her copy is one of the rare unsigned copies and Robert will sign it with pleasure.

So does happiness help one age with grace and live longer? Research says YES and here's Laura at 94 and still going happily along and feeling strong..and she believes in happiness and even reads about it..So the answer is YES!! We'll all be getting alot older and as Robert said after she left, "I'm only 83 and Laura is a good example for me to follow."

As this little story proves once again..There are no accidents just great occasions for happiness.

From Kathy Ward:

[KJW #052] Conversations with Remarkable Elders

Human Evolving On A Journey To Be …at Peace
Neurophysiology of Happiness

Happiness is a discipline, a cultivation of behaviors and ways of thinking which promote health and the dissolution of ego.

No object is perfect. They do not have in them the power or ability to give us lasting happiness or joy because they are finite and they are imperfect. We humans are infinite. Happiness is a state of mind, body and spirit in total alignment with the source of love; and in total detachment of the consciousness, of our own identity and pride.

Everything (thought, feeling, action, perception) exists only because of the existence of its opposite. This diametric contrast influences our conscious identity and our ways of life. As light is made manifest by darkness, happiness by sadness, …the darker the night, the more brilliant the light. Our human brain can be influenced to embrace a journey of mind-body and spiritual happiness, a personal journey to be… at peace.

Welcome life and its prisms; listen, smell, taste, feel and see the colors and its contrasts, bringing ways for us to evolve beyond the form. Be present with it, come to be at peace with it, and continue co-creating your infinite self. As the artist who crafted each one of us, enjoy the process and let your intimate heart reveal its identity and source. Those who have known the deepest and most tragic sorrow are those who walk truly in gratitude for the relief of happiness which follows.

How we nurture happiness in our lives?

Roger, 80: I think that first we need to realize that life dishes out challenges to us all. How we deal ... [More]

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Prophet Cover
The Life of Robert Muller
by Douglas Gillies
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- Robert Muller
Most of All, They Taught Me Happiness
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