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Thursday, October 12, 2006


[GMW #1060] Creating Ministry Of Wrongnesses - Illogical Human Actions, Beliefs & Norms

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[GMW #1060] Creating Ministry Of Wrongnesses - Illogical Human Actions, Beliefs & Norms
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Idea Dream

~ Idea 6246 ~
Humanity should draw up a list of illogical human actions, beliefs and norms. Here are the first which come to my mind:

The leaders and the large majority of Catholics consider birth control as a capital sin and yet they consider it normal that priests, sisters and monks are not allowed to marry!

Here is another one:
If you kill a human person, you are a criminal and will be imprisoned and possibly condemned to death. But if you are a soldier and kill any enemy or numbers of enemies, including innocent humans, you will be honored and get medals.

Here is a third one:
You are supposed to spend little gasoline in order not to create air pollution but at the same time you are stopped at toll stations to pay money. That requires to hold your car and after payment to start and put it into motion again. Well to get again the heavy mass of your car and of its occupants into motion requires a larger quantity of gasoline than any other part of your trip.

And there are innumerable others. Please dear readers, write them down. Let us start a world list. For example, the excessive paperwork and time consuming procedures imposed on ordinary people by government bureaucrats. A special office or Ministry of Wrongnesses should be created in each government on Earth.

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My Testament to the UN
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We must teach children to love this planet and their human family more than any group claiming their allegiance.

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