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Thursday, October 19, 2006


[GMW #1065] Enought Deskyscraperization, Deeconomization, Destruction of Earth

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[GMW #1065] Enought Deskyscraperization, Deeconomization, Destruction of Earth
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Idea Dream

~ Idea 6257 ~
In the small town of Ciudad Colon, the municipality of the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica, there is a very tiny restaurant with only four squeezed tables and a corridor where the cook prepares delicious local peasants meals, but does not even have a chair to sit on, for lack of space.

But what does one see on the other side of the street, visible all the time to the people walking by on the main street? One sees a triumph of the great economic United States, the model to the world: a big, well-colored, lit up metallic construction containing shelves for more than a hundred refrigerated bottles of Coca Cola! They are offered and installed free of charge to the owner who pays only for the electric current needed by them. They are a 'gift', a precious gift! And you see these everywhere in the third world!

No wonder that some good minds in the world speak of the Coca Colanization of the world and the need for Decoca Colanization.

We should indeed establish a list of similar US or western intrusions into lives everywhere on the planet which should be opposed:

1 the 'demagazination' of the world
2 the 'dehallmarkization' of the world
3 the 'demarketization' of the world
4 the 'deadvertization' of the world
5 the 'deskycraperization' of the world
6 the 'deeconomization' of the world

The American economic business empire is invading and destroying the whole world under the banner of 'free enterprise' which in reality is a 'free Earth destruction'. Economics in its present form should be renamed world-wide 'destroyonomics'.

Thanks God that this empire is now on the way of collapsing as did the Roman Empire.

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Robert's Golden Sayings
Basically the factors of subversion, propaganda, untruths and inclinations to dominate the world are limited in our epoch to two gigantic countries: the USSR and the US.

This is progress over the preceding period, but it is still enough to create untold misery and havoc. The responsibility for the current world insanity and political chaos rests heavily on these two countries. They will be judged harshly by the historians of our planetary evolution.

(2003: the USSR gave up. Thanks be to God.)

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 10

The UN will be more permanent than any nation because it is a long-term organization in the mainstream of evolution. Its transfor¬mation will always be on an upward path, in response to the new needs of evolution.

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