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Friday, November 24, 2006


[GMW #1091] The Rehabitation And The Renaturing Of the Earth, etc.

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[GMW #1091] The Rehabitation And The Renaturing Of the Earth, etc.
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Idea Dream

~ Idea 6149 ~
Humans have become a disaster for the Earth. We are likely to finish her if she does not finish us.

~ Idea 6150 ~
The most vital new factor and challenge to humans is not to destroy the Earth, not to be her criminal, worst species ever.

~ Idea 6151 ~
To be concerned about the environment
is not good enough

To restrain economic development
to sustainable development
is not good enough

To be concerned about the Earth's biosphere
is not enough

To be concerned with the ecology is not enough
to resort to non-destroying actions
is not enough

What should be our overwhelming world-wide concern is
eco-destruction, the destruction of our oikos, Greek word for our home

~ Idea 6152 ~
All humanity must henceforth be primarily concerned with three fundamental life elements:
air deaeration
water dewaterization
forest deforestation

There are other 'de's than these: for example, denaturing of the Earth, a bad one and demilitarization of the Earth, a good one.

And there are also 're's': for example, rehabilitation of the Earth, renaturing of the Earth, etc.

Robert's Golden Sayings
It took me a long time to put my knowledge in good order and to deprogram myself of all false beliefs and values. I discovered the basic truths only at the age of sixty! Thank You, O God, for having allowed me to live that long.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 10

Oh God, help us solve and avoid the man-made catastrophes of this planet, so that we can concentrate on its natural disasters.

Re: [GMW #1090] Decide to be blessed

It is great to get all the decide to poems again. Thank you!

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People notice peacemakers because they dress funny. We know how the people who make war dress - in uniforms and medals, or in computers and clipboards, or in absoluteness, severity, greed, and cynicism. But the peacemaker is dressed in righteousness, justice, and faithfulness - dressed for the work that is to be done.
- Walter Brueggemann - Verse of the Day - Sojorners Verse and Voice

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