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Thursday, December 28, 2006


[GMW #1115] International Years & Conferences On Love, Hope, Happiness, Conception, Marriage, Parenthood, Grandparenthood

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[GMW #1115] International Years & Conferences On Love, Hope, Happiness, Conception, Marriage, Parenthood, Grandparenthood
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Idea Dream

~ Idea 6456 ~
Humanity had an International Year of the Child, an International Year of Youth, two World Assemblies on Aging, five World Conferences on Women, an International Year of the Handicapped and an International Year of the Family.

Humanity still needs international years or conferences on love, hope, happiness, conception, marriage, motherhood, fatherhood and grandparenthood.

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Every young person on Earth should join a youth organization, local or international. Consult the World Encyclopedia of Youth Movements published by the United Nations. Join a United Nations Association. Organize Model UN's. Support the UN, its specialized agencies. Organize parallel youth conferences to each UN world conference.

Celebrate the world days proclaimed by the UN. Force your governments to abide by their treaties and international commitments.

Don't be passive, numbed and dehumanized by television and sports. Take the future in your hands. Get up, talk, walk and act. My generation has not done so well, but at least we are giving you the global files which we did not have and which will allow you to act.

We have a multitude of dreams, ideas, projects and plans for ourselves, our family, our community, our profession, our corporation, our nation, but we begin only to have major concerns, projects, ideas and plans for our beautiful, perishable Earth —our home — and for the long-term fate of humanity. Please young people, think, dream and plan far ahead. Your harvest might be incredible.
Since the birth of the United Nations there have been one International Youth year in 1985 and two World Youth Assemblies in 1970 and 1985. You must absolutely obtain another world youth assembly or conference in order to express your visions, views, dreams and demands for the 21st century and 3rd millennium which are yours.
If I were you I would request the creation of a World Youth Agency by the United Nations. This would permit you to express your views and proposals for a better world. Nothing could be more useful at the beginning of this new century and millennium.

You should also remember that the World Peoples' Conference in Samoa in 2000 has launched the creation of Peoples' Assemblies all over the world. Take an active interest in these Assemblies and be well represented in them. (For information: Global Peoples' Assembly, 211 E. 43rd Street, Suite 908, New York, N.Y. 10017-4707).
Good luck and lots of love. And if you should run out of ideas, consult the indexes and volumes of my 5000 Ideas and Dreams for a Better World.

My Testament to the UN
-A Contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, 1995, Chapter 10

Most world ventures, new institutions and novel ideas I was associated with during my life, had very difficult beginnings.

They were usually opposed by nations, but with time and perseverance, most of them succeeded and were recognized as essential instruments of human progress. On the average it takes from ten to twenty years for a new global problem to be recognized and equipped with a decent world institutional arrangement.

The supra-national University for Peace is one of the latest ventures. For ten years, few were those who believed in it. Today it has reached the take-off stage. In a few years if will be one of the most extraordinary universities on Earth.

Let us hope that henceforth new global problems will take fewer years to be recognized.

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